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Do drop in and Say Hello lets all blast those Monday blues l- drop by weather would be good .

"Morning from the Borders of Scotland It is a beautiful Sunny day here. I hope you all had reasonable weekends and your pain levels are tolerable !

Have a good day keep smiling, people always smile back!!!"


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  • Hi I have a puppy called Honey she has just moved her food bowl -

    wow there was a beetle under it-

    she is prancing and dancing aout picking it up and tossing it around.

    I don't think it tastes nice. Oh now she is hunting beetles turning over the mats in the

    kitchen what a mess hehehehe wish you could all have seen it !!


  • 7am still blue sky here I reckon you are all hidding from MONDAY! It will still find you you know :D

    I have a really silly head ache this morning you know one of those that keeps niggleing away it is directly abover my left eye, I thought once it was lazored that I would not get any heads.

    I goin search of paracetamoil unless the parrots ave eated them all !! boom boom Mr Derek


  • Good morning all. Physio today not looking forward to it. But I've got swimming first and that's a joy. So should be loosened up enough I hope. Hope your all feeling as good as you can be for a brand new week xxx

  • Oooh swimming how lovely enjoy!


  • I try to go twice a week it helps me keep moving. As my physio says if you don't use it you'll loose it lol. X

  • Morning Gins

    Calling from the West Midland lovely blue sky's. Let's hope it stays like that. Just had a large mug of tea and a slice of toast. Yummy. Hope everyone has pain free day. Xxx

  • Hi Cloggs

    did you have a good weekend?

    ine was very gentle ! :)


  • Sorry Gins only just opened my iPad. Yes my weekend was quite my son has been in the UK for 3 weeks him and his wife flew home Thursday since he has gone back it's been quite. You take care. Xxx

  • A little touch from Oaklahomer the musical "Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day!"

    This year the weather has actually been on our side

    a little with proper summer days and nights.

    Oh that makes me think of another song

    you would all now it too


  • Chirping

    Cliff Richards we all going on a summer holiday.

    That will be cheering me up all day now via the ear worm.

    What a coincidence

    Playing the skyline on R4 has just started.

  • I love it were all going on a summer holiday !

    They have asked me not to sing - my voice is going with laryngitist

  • Ooh, don't. I predict a day of earworms.

    Croissant anyone? They're ready.

    Hot and sunny in the south here.

    Was at Physio Friday, Doc this morning - what an exciting life :)

  • hee hee hee

    See the post I made for you :P

    I am now boinging very quickly to hide :D

    xxx sian :)

  • Badger dear good morrow to you !

    Now what is an ear worm -

    It does sound really horrid or the e it conjures up.


  • Badger I found it it is when a catchy tune gets stuck in your head all day!

    Nothing slimy and horrid at all Yah !!!


  • That's it, but it can be really distracting - see my response on pic of the day. It's not necessarily a tune you like either :P

  • Morning everyone, I currently have a toddler leaning on my arm (age 3) which makes typing interesting to say the least. She finished nursery on Friday, so need to come up with a gentle plan for each day - some playing with mummy, some visiting people/park/library.

    She's just informing me that I need to climb into our big cupboard to get out more toys that I've put away *sigh* only 9 hours till daddy gets home again....At least the weather is slightly cooler this morning - I don't know about you but the heat is not helping the fibro at all. Ah well, hope everyone has a good day.

  • Hi Gins and one and all reading in today,

    the Weather is cloud cover as yet but it should brighten here in a bit here on the edge of the West/ East Midlands area

    Here for those up to it is a smiler for you about when I went last to my GPs.

    GPs receptionist/ Sir YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE AN HOUR AGO...


  • LOLOLOLOL that sounds like something I would say too :D

    xxx sian :)

  • I remember this bloke on the radio telling of the time that he was stopped for speeding.

    Police man" I have been waiting for some one like you all day"

    Bloke on the radio "Well, I got here as fast as I could"

    He said over the radio that he could have bit hes tongue off. Luckily the p`man thought it was funny and let him off with a caution.

    And yes I have often blurted thing like this out and it has got me into trouble.

    Hugs sue xx

  • Morning, afraid all the coffee and muffins have been eaten. One of the inside door is broken and so need to call landlord and felt the need to clean the floor, have just given up half way round but left the bucket out so it looks like work in progress!

    pale blue sky but really hot already.

  • Good morning. Bit dull here and cool . Will be on PC today need to catch up on stuff . In a lot of pain and not sleep well think maybe I did to much ironing yesterday .

  • Good morning all :)

    It's beautiful here in Sunderland............. and I saw the sunrise this morning, very pretty :) :) :)

    It is also incredibly warm which makes me a tad uncomfortable due to my temperature control not working properly I can overheat quite easily :o

    Not complaining about the lovely sun though :D :D :D

    Got my fibro Support Group meeting this afternoon and very much looking forward to that :) :) :)

    Wishing everyone wellness and send you all soft fluffies with ice cream sundaes as it is sooooooooooooooooooooo hot :) Remember in Gins virtual chat room brekky cafe you can eat anything because it's not real :)

    Enjoy your day :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Morning all! Very sore today after doing a car boot yesterday. I had been dreading it, but had promised Mum that I would help her. I was very hard on my hip especially, but It wasn't as bad as I expected and I feel proud of myself! Won't be doing much today!

  • Hello all :D

    It is beautifully sunny & warm here in Doncaster

    Resting today after a busy weekend. It was my birthday last week, I'm now 28!!

    So I went to stay with my parents & siblings while my OH was at a stag do weekend

    Just light chores today - washing clothes & watering the thirsty plants

    Time for tea & toast with real butter on I think mmmm

    Hope everyone is as well as can be xx

  • Morning from Brum, Weather fine gonna be hot later.

    Well after a rough brain no work day and everything hurts. I then had a rough night, Over sensitive skin become tingley and twitchy , like little static shocks all over.

    On top of that every time I moved I got cramp. even in my rib muscles.

    Another hot shower in the middle of the night, that strangly enough left me shivering with cold.? It did settle it down so that I could get some sleep.

    Oh what a weird Illness this is.

    Hoping for a better day today.

    Hugs to all sue xx

  • Hi Hedgerow

    Wow what an achievement - very brave!

    I am in awe of you I expect the standing wass the problem!


  • No, it was bending forward lifting stuff out of the car -really painful in my left hip. If I was at home. I would not have carried on. I have been dosing myself up on painkillers since...should I really be mixing tramadol, meloxicam and cocodamol? Probably not, but it works. Must admit I spent a lot of time sitting at the car boot.

  • Hot and getting hotter down here in the south east. My thermostat is hopeless so feeling totally limp. Not intending to do much this morning, except maybe tidy up my tip of a bedroom and put some washing on. Going to the pool with my friend this afternoon for a bit of gentle exercise.

  • Good morning from sunny southampton, slept in. This morning so a bit hectic here! Just finished helping my disabled daughter get ready for her day. Pain trying to get the better of me today :-( looks like the sun may be out all day so I may need to have a 'therapeutic' sit in garden as my vit D levels need boosting.! Lol

    Have a good day everyone


  • Hi all I'm in Wales n the weather is lovely. I'm still in bed after being up half the night with an extremely achey knee.. What's new there.. Up at 7 but managed to go back to sleep til 9 woohoo. I'm on the hot pain o chocolate momma lovely n no calories. Have the best day you can hugs to all xx

  • Morning Gins from a warm and sunny Northern Ireland, I have had a fantastic weekend. My new granddaughter arrived yesterday and is beautiful :) my daughter is also recovering from her ordeal very well. Contractions every 10 to 20 minutes from last wednesday! But all worth it :) Hope everyone else had as good a weekend :)

  • Many many congratulations, I hope you've cuddled the little one bless her


    Foggy x

  • I have :) they have named her Alia, not about much as I am looking after her big sister, forgot how tiring toddlers can be :) thank you Foggy xx

  • Morning gins from overcast Devon, wish I had something happy to say, but I don't at present. Keep them smiling :-)

    Foggy x

  • Good morning fellow fibros. Gorgeous weather here in The Midlands but I know it is going to be a bit too hot for me as like Mayrose I don't have any temprature control and sweat like a navvy when I should glow like a lady. Having to go to a meeting this afternoon with a talk on the Expert Patients Programme. I'm interested in the talk but not very enamoured of sitting in a hot and stuffy church hall. I love these imaginery breakfast. I'm in for the full monty if someone else is cooking, make the toast well done with a great dollop of lime and lemon marmalade, a bowl of porridge with honey and a big pot of tea, oh. nearly forgot the freshly squeezed orange juice. Hope everyone has as good a day as possible. Bye, bye for nowx

  • Left over batter from Y`shire pud turned into pancakes, and served with low sugar, rhubarb and ginger jam. Yum

  • I sometimes do that and make twice the amount. Never tried rhubard and ginger jam, do you make it yourself)? Love both flavours so it sounds up my streetx

  • Morning all, it's beautiful here in north wales today. Blue sky and plenty of sunshine. Hope you all have the best day possible . Take care. X x

  • Thank you all do call in tomorrow !

    Have a good day!!


  • Late again! Nothing new there! I genuinely hope that everybody has enjoyed a wonderful pain free day?

    All my hopes and reams for everybody

    Ken x x x x x

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