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Need advice about GP please

Hi there I have just moved to Essex after leaving surrey, I am on HRT and was told I needed a review of the medication, I was happy for this as I'm not really happy with my medication. I attended the appointment to have my blood pressure taken and then given a prescription. I told the GP I wasn't happy with the medication and he just told me there was nothing he could do as I was on the highest dose. I still work in surrey and drive there daily for work. My question is could I register with a surgery where I work as I can't take time off to have an appointments and the odd time I can get back into Essex when the drs are open, I can't get an appointment. I had to wait 6 weeks to register with this place and then a further 5 weeks to have this pointless appointment. I feel very low at the moment and have had some serious points of depression in my life and am scared that I can't get the help I need when I need it. It is very difficult moving to a new place and without the support of a decent doctor is leaving me feeling very worried. I am not a sick person and don't attend the doctors unless there is a real problem, however with the move and the commute and now finally meeting my gp it has really left me feeling scared. Sorry for the long drawn out message but I really want to go back to my old gp who helped me through some very traumatic times in my life, is this a possibility? Thank you. X

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Hello Nadinenats,

Sorry to hear of your difficulty, In my experience you can have a temporary Dr wherever you move to, the time limit (I believe) depends on the new Drs budget/time agreed by that particular surgery. As they all have to live within their own budgets am unsure who is able to offer what. Having said that please go speak to the nearest surgery to your work place, explain the problem and ask at reception what they offer.

I too didn't want to change my gp however, It may have something to do with the distance in their catchment area and attending a home visit. I was forced to do so due to the distance I moved. My GP informed if I moved back within the catchment area she would have me back...................

Hope you get someone as supportive as you need. We all need help at times and am sure many of the peeps on here will support you in anyway they can.

Best Backisbad.X

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Hi nadinenats

I am so sorry to read that you are having this issue, and I hope that you can find some resolution to it. In theory you can register with any surgery that will take you, as long as you realise that if you are out of their catchment area then they will not make home visits?

I have pasted for you below the NHS Choices link to how to register with a GP surgery. It also has a post code entry bar so you can look at several surgeries.

I wan to wish you all the best of luck with this.


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Hi all, it is my understanding that from October 2014 we will be allowed to register with gps out of practise areas. This is particularly significant where patients with long term illnesses and good relationship with gp's move house and want to remain with the people who know their history best. However this does come with one point to consider. A gp will not be allowed to make a home visit if you are out of the boundary.

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When I moved, I spoke to my Dr and because I never called for home visits he allowed me to stay with his practice even though technically we were outside his area. We didn't move outside of the County though. It is possible though that he would keep you on if you work nearby. It's worth asking though. Good luck


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