Morning all on this miserable day, hope you are all as well as possible x

I had a neuropathy appt. on Saturday, arranged by my rheumatologist to rule out any other reasons for my condition. Great news, my nerve endings are all intact, which I did start to doubt when the apt. was suggested. Part of me was hoping there would be a finding and maybe another condition diagnosed which would be more acceptable to my centre of GPs. Sounds odd I know but my pain is pain regardless of what label it has and right now I so wish it was another label so at least I could be taken more seriously!! Please tell me if that makes sense.

Kmc xx

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  • It makes sense Kmc. After years of 'negative' test results my gp told me there was nothing wrong with me and put 'hypochondriac' in my notes, I was finally diagnosed by a rheumo cons after xray showed arthritis. It makes perfect sense to want a different definitive diagnosis. Julie x

  • Yes of course it makes sense, knowing what is happening enables an increased feeling of empowerment as then you can begin to think about what to do about it in terms of lifestyle, etc as well as researching treatments which not all medics have the time to do.

  • Definitely makes sense to me! I can imagine that you were exceedingly nervous prior to such an appointment? So most answers would have been a relief?

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today?

    Ken x

  • Hi Ken, thanks for your post again, you are really sweet. Question! I bent over to get my bag this morning and my back completely seized up. I'm now unable to bend and am in agony trying to sit or stand. Is this common with FM?

    Hoping you are well today, Kmc

  • Hi kmc-cudsleepforaweek

    I am so sorry to read that; I have read other members say the same thing about their backs. However, that sort of things is more associated with nerve problems? It happens to me as I have damage to my sciatic nerve, so if your pain doesn't ease in a few days I really would get that checked out?

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with relieving the pain.

    Ken x

  • Ive been through exactly the same thing. My nerve problems are so severe that even my gp thought I had m.s. but everything came back clear,no lesions. I cried with relief and cried because I knew nothing would change. Hey-Ho. Unfortunately we just have to plod along but I just get this over whelming feeling that we are left on the shelf.

    I know there isn't a lot they can do to help us but other medical problem's, diseases, seem to get more attention and better treatment. If only they really did understand what its like to live trapped in these bodies :( xx

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