imaginary fibro

one of my daughters told me tonight that her mother in law told her that Fibro was just something the doctors said you had when they didnt know what was wrong with you, I felt about as low as you can get, this woman is a trained nurse who works on the reception of our medical centre so obviously what she says carries some weight I really dont know how to deal with this x

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  • Gentle hugs. Sadly there are some people, even medically trained, who do not believe Fibro is real. All we can do is try to educate those type of people and not let them make us feel down.



  • thanks Jillylin x

  • Hi Linco

    I am so sorry that you have had to endure this nonsense, and I genuinely hope that you can rise above this and hold your head up high as Fibro is a recognised disability. I have pasted you a link to a previous post relating to the equality act 2010 and the disability discrimination act, whereby Fibro is recognised:

    Many people do not understand the true nature of this disabling illness and the pain, misery and depression that it can cause. But please do not worry about those how do not recognise it, take heart from those who do, and the government does!

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • thank you so much x

  • I would be thinking seriously about reporting this woman to her bosses. No matter what someone's personal beliefs or thoughts, they have to remain professional at all times. What if she were to cause someone to harm themselves because of her outspoken views?

  • Hi Julie63, thank you so much for pointing that out, it is a very valid and thought provoking observation?

    So thank you.

    Ken x

  • well i was actually wondering about that myself i may just mention it to my g.p. on my next visit as her views could be considered to be the medical centres views, its just difficult because shes my daughters mother in law.

  • Exactly why I think you need to report it, to be honest. If she's making comments about a relative's health concerns, then they're breaking patient confidentiality. Totally unprofesional at the very least.

  • Hi there so sorry to hear your a target for an ignoramus (lol) don't you worry about others they just haven't a clue and to be honest it is a very real and dilibitataing illness and its not a coincidence that its world wide. It does have very physical affects upon us too "just for one" where we don't go into delta stage sleep this means we don't go into the stage where our toxins flush away to help our healing and renewals for the next day. Leaving one feeling tired continually that's just one real thing and its affects. So don't worry and come on line regularly even if it is just to read. This will help you with others in your day by not feeling so alone in your illness. Its one of those thing we cant expect others to understand if they don't have it. I find it difficult enough to explain myself yet alone if they have never experienced it.. Hope I want to upfront but some people

  • Just read your post, I saw a locum doctor a while back and she said that when you rule out everything else and all the symptoms point to fibro then most likely that's what you have, if barks like a dog it most likely us a dog! Maybe that's what she meant and just worded badly. If not, you can take the high ground that at least you are informed and she us not and uninformed opinions should be kept to themselves :)

  • Sorry for bad spelling and English, fingers refuse to work today :)

  • Hi Linco, sorry you have been upset by this remark, but on the positive side she did actually say there was something wrong (so not imaginary) but that doctors do not know what it is (true enough to a certain extent). I would pass on to her/ medical practise concerned the latest info available on fibromyalgia, it sounds like she/ they are in need of it! Indirectly she has just confirmed you have fibro, result.

  • I have ME and Fibro and being tested for Lupas but when you are at the hospital most of the young doctors don't even know what they are !!!!!

  • thanks to everyone who replied it did me good to know you are all there and all the different answers made me see it in different ways thanks and gentle hugs everyone

    Linco xx

  • Is it only me who wishes I could give all my Fibro problems to someone for a week when they intimate that Fibro isn't a real condition/ illness, I'm sure if they were awake for 3 days at a time, in constant pain & unable to get out of bed, depressed, acid reflux & so on .... They may very well have a different view on the subject

  • I have quite often thought that about one particular individual, as he is very snide and thinks it is quite funny when I have moments of confusion. However, I then realise that I am the better person and don't stoop to his level!

    Take care

    Ken x

  • She's a kook. It's not something to be taken lightly. Don't worry so much about what other B-holes say about you. It's very real and she hasn't a clue to what she's talking about. Hang in there sweetheart, there are lots of cold uncaring people out there and you just have to worry about yourself. Take care, we are here for you!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Hugs Linco,

    This woman is a receptionist for a medical centre, why isn't she nursing there I wonder.

    She's broken her patient confidentiality clause and I would be putting in a verbal and written complaint to the practise manager, before she does further damage to anyone else, as she's obviously a gossip.

    I'm sorry she's made you feel low and hope you can sort her out.


  • Hi if she's talking about you like a this a relative imagine what she is being like about the other people she knows , I live in a small town and a good few years ago now we had a receptionist sacked for exactly what this woman has done and this was before it was law , was she talking to your daughter to put a rift between you? because on a personal note I think it's a dreadful thing to say to your daughter how has your daughter taken this what about your son in law ?you have enough to deal with ,without this spiteful person trying to put a possible rift between you , whatever you do be careful it's your call perhaps you should speak to your daughter before you do anything .i agree it needs to be dealt with but tread lightly there is always more than one way to skin a cat .excuse the saying but I am very annoyed about what's been said and done here and I think there is possible more going on here than you realise ,do you as the mother in law to her son get on well ? Is she jealous of you ? These are things you may well have already considered yourself but hadn't said them out loud please take care of yourself put yourself first don't get stressed and handle this carefully . Chris

  • Im so glad of the support Ive been getting and Chris I do think she covets my daughter she is always buying her things although she has a daughter of her own around the same age, about 2 years ago she told my daughter she also had Fibro but and without sounding like her I honestly didnt recognise any signs she has now told my daughter she has Lupus and again and this may sound bad but I have never known her to have a "bad day" it does make me feel a bit of a fraud with my aches and pains my daughter thinks she is so brave by never complaining which again makes me feel as if I complain and because she is a nurse my daughter tends to think she knows what shes talking about, which begs the question as Magenta says why isnt she nursing, a couple of years ago she was working in a Deli !!! she is also younger than me.

    Linco x

  • Hi Linco, it's often the people who know the least who say the most, (one reason I keep my mouth shut most of the time :) ). Only you know how you feel and your experience with pain, I've often thought "If only people who are quick to judge could experience this for 6 months, knowing that they would be ok at the end of it, I wonder if they would behave differently towards sufferers", good advice above about reporting her, she had no right to discuss your medical problems. Take care,Linda. x

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