flight MH 370

flight MH 370

We had a bit of a conversation over this. I think I said how difficult it was to find the wreck even with the equipment we now have. Here's a sonar sweep of the SS Terra Nova (Scott's ship of the 1914 expedition) taken 2 years ago. It's in one piece, in 1000' of water on a smooth sea floor, but still took 70 years to find even though they knew where it went down off Greenland.

As I write this drift debris is being examined in Australia, that MIGHT JUST belong to MH370. The relatives deserve to know what happened. :(

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  • Hello my friend, and thank you for this! I have been watching on the news about the debris washing up on Australian shores, and the authorities aren't giving too much away on this yet? You are right, the families deserve an answer.

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  • hi just heard on the news that debris was not from the plane, its so terrible for the families and if this was planned he certainly got it "right" so no one would find them.

  • Sadly it seems it does not belong to the plane.

    This has become one of if not the greatest mystery of our millenium.

  • I think the authorities aren't giving much away as there's nothing much to give away. It gives you some idea how large the ocean is and how difficult the search is.

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