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Is there anyone out there with both fibromyalgia and costocondritus?? And working?? I need help/advice

I've had costocondritus for 11yrs on and off but continuously since August 2013 and it's getting worse, I'm in continual pain and still trying to work as I have a child to support, but today I have been also diagnosed with fibromyalgia as well!

The doctor quite simply told me to just jack my job in as it's making me worse but, no job equals no money and no food for my son! I've been looking for a different job which is less physical but there aren't any about, especially during school hours.

I'm struggling every day, in constant pain, is anyone else in this situation?!? I'd love to hear from you and for any advice!

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Hi ChrissyP1307

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that your health problems are giving you employment issues and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to all of this? I am presuming that you live in the UK? If so, there are some financial benefits that you could apply for?

I was wondering if you have applied for PIP (Personal Independent Payment)? This is a non-taxable benefit that somebody with a disability can apply for even if they are in work. I have pasted you a link for this below:

If you did have to stop working you could try and claim ESA (Employment Support Allowance) and Income Support. I have also pasted you links below for these:

It may be a really good idea to discuss these benefits with your GP and your local CAB and / or Disability Direct? As if you qualify for PIP, then you could possibly reduce your working hours to the tune of the PIP that you receive?

I genuinely hope that everything works out well for you and please keep us up to date with how you get on?

All my hopes and dreams for you



we have had many people on here reporting both and I met some locally who had just been dx'd with both.


Thank you so much for your reply, I'm just hoping there's someone who is in the same situation. If I can stand I will/can work it's how I was brought up. So I will work as long as I can. Just worried how long that'll be


Hi not sure what costocondritus is but I am aware of fibromylgia I have been of work for quite a while now and on benefits not the avenue I wanted to go down because I have always worked but with pain and tiredness could not hold a job down you need to go back to doctors and ask how they can help with pain relieve if you do not want to depend on benefits which is not always the answer every is one different I would sort pain out first see what other medication you can take no joy with doctor see another one I was under pain management at the hospital they do different pain reliefs there ask doctor if it would be any different if he sent you to a pain management at your hospital sort that first then may be you need to go on benefit and get a little partime job in his local school dinner ladie cleaner if you are in the position ok for doctor to tell you to give your job up but supporting your child with pain does not help I go to citizen advice they help or welfare rights can give you advice as well hope this helps let me know ok just


I have cut my days down to four a week, been under a pain clinic for 4 years. Tried all avalible pain relief from injections, tablets, gels, herbal, and heat I currently work school hours and money is so tight I'm having to concider cancelling my tv licence and mobile to save money. But explaining I can't afford to put the tv on to my 7yr old breaks my heart to think of. So I'll have to keep that going as long as possible. Cab office was worse than useless. Same with the doctors. By the end of my work day I can barely move and spend a lot of time in tears from the pain. It's got to that point now where I've excepted there isn't any help for me out there.

Will try pip after I've seen the doctor next not really sure why I'm going exactly. It'll be the same sorry I can't do no more routine

Thank you for you advice x


Dear Chrissy

So sorry I seemed to ahve missed your post when I was looking through questions probably you posted at the time I was having one of my flares so hence not on the computer. I have both but unfortunately the costo so bad that I found work impossible. I had had high blood pressure, high chlorestrol, asthma and osteoarthritis for years. I did have 2 bouts of costo but fortunately at the time they only lasted about 2/3 weeks and with pain killers and anti inflammatories cleared up but this time they didn't. I also had neurpathic pain which the doctor felt had flared after a bout of shingles. I don't know what is offered in your area but the one thing that was helping me was electronic acupuncture. I initially had it once every 3 weeks and then every 6 weeks and then every two months. Unfortunately, the NHS in our area will now only allow it 3 times a year and no one does it privately near me. That is something you perhaps can pursue. I am on pregablin, paracetamol, anti inflam., dihycodeine and lidocaine patches and that does help make things more managebale. The patches certainly help if there is one particular patch that is terrible but as they are expensive I am only given a small supply so I only use them when desperate and I try not to to carry heavy bags, etc. Baths in epsom salts can help when the pain is bad. I had to give up a job I adored as the medication made it impossible for me to concentrate fully and sitting at a desk all day wasnlt helping either.Sometimes costo can suddenly go of its own accord so you never know. You are young and the body can sometimes do remarkable things just when we are in despair things get better. I know that the pain is very debilitating as nearly every movement one makes comes from around the rib cage area so my heart goes out to you.If youa re offered help by anyone swallow your pride and take it as I wish I had done. Keep in touch with us and let us know how your are as our thoughts are with you. You seem to have managed admirably so far and I pray something good happens for you soon. Big hugsx


Dear rosewine

Our comment was so lovely and thank you!

My costo use to go away for months at a time, but then after a really horrific bout of it in august last year also paired with a blood clot on my lung it went down to just a few weeks of freedom before my next bout, then after a fall in December it has been a permanent fixture and has not eased up at all. I work for center Parcs in there housekeeping department so rest isn't a option. I'm meant to have help every day I'm in but that never happens even with the company's doctor and med centres say so. In a way I'm glad as next Monday I will be seeing the doctor straight after work so she will see me at my worst! Usually by 3pm even walking is a struggle and I'm even considering purchasing a walking stick to help me around the home.

I'm going to see if the doc can put me on pregablin instead of gabapenitn to see if it has any better effect on me, tramadol has become a daily thing for me, but due to looking after my son I only like to take that when he is asleep before I take any. Unfortunately I do not have a bath in my home only a shower, but daily after work I end up sitting on the shower floor for half hour just letting the hot water run over me, but then end up crawling out of the shower after until I can stand. My little boy is truly amazing, as he has grown up with mummy have a bad chest he's very careful of me, even the doctor had noted when I visit them when he comes to sit on my lap he always holds his elbows in just to make sure he doesn't knock me. I will take a copy of your message to the doctors so I can show them what you have said as I have such a bad memory at the moment, as well as seeing if they think I can go for PIP



Hi Chrissy - Costochondritis was my initial symptom (apart form arthritis total hip replacement and arthritis in my facet joints) after a few months I was diagnosed with Fibro and the Costochondritis is my main problem even with meds. I am back to work after 5 months off, work in the NHS, this week is my last week of my phased return, so I'm now back on my full hours. I'm struggling some days to be honest, have about 3 good days followed by a days or two really bad days. The only pain relief for the Costo for me is Codeine, and I'm taking Amitryptyline for the FMS, its helped a bit just I am alarmed how many bad days I'm still having!! I'm not happy to just hand my notice in, feel I've really got to persevere.... xx


I'm currently working 4days, on tramadol and gabapenitin,I have no choice at the mo but to work even more hours as money is so tight, I've had 13, that's right 13 good days this year so far (I keep a calendar record) apart from that I just basically hurt! I have my tens machine now borrowed on the nhs which is helping but I'm going to have to give it back after the two weeks trial as I can not afford the £34 to buy it. Which really sucks, but seen as I've had to buy my young son trainers, school shoes and school shorts as he's had the biggest of growth spurts. I don't mind, as my son will always and forever come first.. How did you cope with 5months off? I went mad after two weeks!!! Mind you I'm looking forward to next week as I have it off work holiday and to be honest it can't come soon enough as I'm in so much pain as I'm in such a bad spell at the moment xx


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