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University of Surrey Fibro & Pregnancy Study - Can you take part?

Are you interested to volunteer for a research study on Fibromyalgia and Pregnancy,

conducted at the University of Surrey?

If you:

1. are approaching your third trimester of pregnancy, are new mums or mums with young children,

2. have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia prior to the onset of your pregnancy,

3. speak English fluently,

you may be willing to take part in an interview and share your personal experiences on how is like living with Fibromyalgia syndrome during your pregnancy.

The individual interview will take up to about 1 hour and will be held at a convenient time and place for you.

You may wish to meet the investigator in a quiet location near your workplace or where you live, or even at your domicile, so that no travel will be required from you.

Skype interviews will be also considered, if you wish, or face-to face interview is not possible.

This study aims to explore the subjective experiences of women with fibromyalgia within the context of pregnancy and transition to motherhood.

This research is carried out by Ana Tunaru, a postgraduate student in Health Psychology at the University of Surrey, and is supervised by Professor Mark Cropley who has extensive experience in Fibromyalgia syndrome.

If you meet the above mentioned criteria and are interested to join this study or need further information, please don't hesitate to contact Ana Tunaru by email: or by phone 0750 36 54 920.

If you can help with this study , please contact Ana using the details above as soon as possible.

Many Thanks

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Thank you very much for this Mdaisy, I know it is of no use to me personally, but I can imagine that it will be very valuable to many ladies.

Thank you

Ken x


I'm not planning to get pregnant either, Ken. Biscuit? :P


I'll have a biscuit please?


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