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Why does fibro symptoms get worse when you least expect it

I went out yesterday with my sister/career to see my family at a local pub for a short while as too much tires me out and I can't sit down for long I was only there an hour and in the middle of the room I go flat on my face no use in my legs and cramp right up into my ribs it just makes me want to hide am I the only 1 that feels like this I only go somewhere when someone is around as I am told not to be on my own but then I fall and feel so embarrassed I hate this

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Hi Colegg

Firstly, can I say how sorry I am that you are suffering in this way and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to your issues.

I think that as we are all unique individuals that we all respond differently to our symptoms and our medications. I would say however, if your illness is getting the better of you in this way that I would return to my GP or Consultant and see what else can be given in the way of medication or possibly physiotherapy if you feel up to this?

If you feel that there could be some element of depression or anxiety accompanying this, then you could ask about counselling? As I do not know you it is difficult to say but I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that nobody should just hide away and be alone, you deserve substantially more than this.

There is one aspect of this that I am certain about and that is you should never feel embarrassed by your illness as it is a real and genuine disability. If you had a friend with a disability you would never expect them to feel embarrassed by this would you? Please take care and I sincerely hope that you can find some answers to this problem.

All my hopes and dreams fro you.

Ken x


Thanks ken I don't feel depressed I have the odd pissed off day but other thank that I am quite upbeat sort of person that makes the most of a bad situation I have tried physio and I can't bare them touching me and in last few days I have felt ok to my standards even looking for another idea for a tattoo so I have bee researching some ideas inbetween the pain and pacing because of the cramp I will be ringing for an appointment in morning that will be 5th visit to gps in 2 weeks but I can't complain they are very good I got no added stress nothing so just can't understand it it is a mystery how a condition can affect so many people in so many different ways I am just pleased to found somewhere to share the problems an moan it help when other people understand my sister/carer has been great she won't let me even see dr on my own anymore just in care they can find things for her to do to help me ie massage stretching exercises breathing techniques she learn the lot Claire x


I collapsed into the cheese in Tescos and into a sock display in sports direct I mean the whole thing collapsed both times my poor wife had to pull me out .l have also collapsed in the street a few times even had to call an ambulance to help get me up I was screaming with pain .I cannot go anywhere alone


Hi Claire sorry to hear u are in so much distress, iget cramps on my ribs groin feet and when I go to turn sometimes my muscles go into cramps and spasms....glad to hear I'm not aloe I was beginning to worry, I'm not glad you have the cramps but its nice to know when some one else has the same symptoms wish you better.....gentl hugs and a handful of sunshine for you ....Dee xx


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