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hi all, i am now taking 4 gabapentin 3 times a day and its doing absolutley nothing for the pain of my ddd ( degenerative disc disease).

Tired all the time !! I have ddd and arthritis in my spine and now i think i have it in my knees to, i also have post traumatic stress disorder.I applied for dla last april 2013 and was turned down, thats on the evidence of the 'so called' doctors at atos saying i am fit for work.. , I have a dla tribunal in march , so lets see if i win tha ( probably not). i have all the paperwork from my doctor saying i am unfit for work. sorry if i am having a whinge but i think ppl on this site listen and care for each other... i just want to know if anyone on here has the same problem i have and what i have to do to win the case?? please help if you can or give me a lnk to someone who can ...

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Hi smiley so sorry your having arough time ....unfortunately I can't help you but I'm sure someone will be on here shortly and will be able to help you...gentle hug...Dee x


Hi Dave, likewise can't really help BUT it's fine to rant. That's what fibromites are for - - to listen and support. And by gum, we care because we have at least some idea of what you are going trough. You're really going through it and more than most. Paperwork is a bind and yes, the tribunals seem hostile but don't give up. On the right, click on Benefits/work and see if there's anything that answers your questions. I'll bet it's not long before someone comes up with something more positive.

It can be heartrending to read posts like yours but hang on in there, like you already are. It's great you've asked and there's no judgement here, I can tell you. I know from experience ATOS and tribunals can be a trial :)


thanks for the reply Dee, today has been a very bad day, not been able to move at all,


Hi there know just what your going through and so wish you luck im in same position in life. I have a degenerative lower lumber with malformed flat feet which can be very painful and have been caused by the lower lumber weakening my muscles so hence flatfeet that have gone from size nine to size 11 . Im in the middle of a claim and also dla tribunal. The only advice I can give you is collect as much evidence from the professionals to support your application. I would like to say seek support from citizens advice so your supported personally, as this is quite a traumatic time for you. After that is just pray and hope and if you don't then reapply and just keep trying sorry cant say anything more. xx


Hi smileydave10

I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering at the hands of ATOS. I sincerely hope that you win your appeal and get the benefits that you are entitled too.

Good luck



Morning Smiley Dave,

There is nothing like a good whinge, it clears the air, probably releases some sort of morphine and wow we feel better and there is no place like here to have a whinge. There is always someone on hand to respond to it and here I am.

I suffer from DDD and stenossis of the lower lumber to the point where I can only stand for a tiny while, the pain is excruciating and if we play top ups with all he other things it is bad - so I too have gabapentine three times a day and I think they help sometimes I wonder what it would be like with out them- I dread to think so if they are removing just a bit of the pain that's good for me. If you are unhappy and think they show no results please see your doctor and change your meds.

Hope that helps you may always message me is you want



Hi smileydave

If you message MDaisy on here, I'm pretty sure she can send you some links for help with filling in forms, guidelines, etc.

It's certainly worth trying.

I know one lady posted here (sorry I can't remember her name) that due to the guidelines she was given on here for claiming DLA she won.

Worth a try me thinks?

Good luck

Blue Mermaid


Hello Smileydave10,

As Bluemurmaid mentions, please do email me at as I can provide you with some information that may help.

I look forward to hearing from you

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


thanks emma, I will mail you now


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