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Christmas and New Year to come .........


Well my Christmas was a very pooly and pain fulled one.... Been poorly since xmas eve not feeling to good and in pain day I was being sick could not eat...My Partner run me a bath to see if would help with the pain and get red of the smell of sick,,,,Help in bath and i could even find the enmege to wash my self ......boxing day still being sick but just byel ,,,so had doctor out had a injection to stop me being sick even throw notheing to bring up ,,,And to got up today with a cold sew rips but not feeling sick any more hrayyyyyyyyyyy still in pain and tried ,,,,But I am so lucky to have a partner that looks after me you now when its true love when there cleaning up sick .....Looking forward to next year as we are getting married

and fingers cross I wiil be having a good day than,,,Happy New year soft hugs and kisssssssssssssssssssss x

Debbie x


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