Hi I was wondering what sort of benefits I would be entitled to as since my diagnosis of fibro and eds I have found that work is getting harder and harder each day causing myself to dramatically reduce my work hours. I am going to try and go to the citizens advice this week. Has anyone else been there and if so how were they? Merry christmas to you all and a Pain free new year x X x

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  • I ahve been on incapacity benefit and get DLA.if yours would be a brand new claim then ESA.i recently had to apply fro this and got my result(a successful one) a few days ago. DLA can used to be able to be claimed even if you were working btu I dont know about on new claims.cab will advise you.

  • Yeah thank you. Yeah it will be a new claim so fingers crossed :)

  • good morning and happy christmas. The citizen advice are very good they have helped my hubby and myself out in the past. they will tell you what you may be entitled to and how to claim it. If you go onto the fibro action web site you will find out a lot more. Good luck sue

  • Citizens advice is absolutely the right place to go, you may be entitled to receive employment support allowance and possibly pip a disability benefit based on your capabilities. They can advide you on many issues also housing benefit and bus passes etc.

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