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Happy Christmas to the FibroAction community volunteers


Dearest Volunteers,

Merry Christmas to you & your family

I hope you thoroughly enjoy your celebrations and we, FibroAction would like to Thank You for your help here on our community forum.

I am sure members will agree you do a good job alongside many others members to make the community such a wonderful place for each other

With very best wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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Yay :D

Merry Christmas and thanks for being there for us all in our fibro community

Wishing you merryness and best wishes this festive time

:) xxxsianxxx :)

This is lovely, a very Happy Christmas to all who run/help with FibroAction and all our members who help one another, this is a great community to belong to.

Regards jayjay57

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I very Happy Christmas one and all. Hope 2014 will hold many surprises

I my would like to add my wishes for a Merry Christmas to all xx

I echo the huge rounds of applause :-)

Thank you so so much for all the hard work and support that you give all through the year, even though you have to struggle daily with illness. You hand out good advice, make us laugh, and I for one am hugely grateful, as I am sure many of us here are, for that.


I would like to wish all my fibro family a very merry Christmas and hope 2014 will a prosperous year and if anyone has a birthday have a happy birthday warm fluffies to everyone mwah

Hi to everyone , and wish you all a merry Christmas,

And a big thank you for all the advice and support everyone gives

And this site is a great help and good at us feel better and try to see the

Lighter side of this illness. As unless you have it you can't really understand about it

Big hugs Cherokee x

merry christmas to u all,hope you all have as pain free a christmas as possible & enjoy yr xmas xx

hi evevryone,i would like to wish you all a very happy christmas xxxx

Hope you all had a good Christmas and I hope the New Year of 2014 treats us all well.

Let's try and stay positive, support each other and concentrate on what is good in our lives. X.


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