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How do I ask for a review from wrag to support group, and how can you know if you should be in support group? What are the requirements?

I have major depression bpd, bipolar, hypertension fibro, herniated discs L4/5 bladder prolapse and thoracic spine wear and tear etc can anyone explain how I would get a review on esa from wrag to support group. If my health probs don't qualify that's fine.

Merry Christmas to all

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when were you put in wrag group


In 2012 I think til may 14 , it's prob too late to request a review but since I last filled out the forms my health as gone down hill quickly prob best to wait for reassessment in May . Many thanks


Well I believe you should appeal against the decision. I am in the WRAG and have just returned from my 6 monthly interview. I was very surprised when Kim, the interviewer, was astounded that I had not been given a telephone interview. I did say I felt I should be in the support group but she said don't be too worried about that as they would not be looking for me to return to's just not going to happen according to her!! Well that's a really good early Christmas present for me, and she told me I'm not due for a medical until November 2015!!

So I suggest you appeal against the decision you have been given. So many people do appeal....and win! Good luck!! XX


It seems some of the people put in support group should be in work group and vice versa xxx


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