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Upper back and rib pains

Hi everyone,

I have a very bad back and rib pains for months now, I was vomiting, nauseous and very dehydrated in May this year, I was so unwell that I was hospitalized for 6 days. I saw my Rheumy last week who decided to send me for an ultrasound today. I have multiple gall stones, not sure of the sizes..... It now all fits in to the symptoms. When I told my GP about my symptoms he thought I was moaning. I'm upset that when I was hospitalized that the opportunity for a scan was missed too. I feel like screaming now......

I'm going to see my GP in the morning and take things from there.

Lizz x

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sorry to hear of your problems at the momment but it seems gps expect hospitals to do tests ect and hospitals want gps to do them cause they dont want comeing out of there budget so many things get missed and takes so long for diagnosis hope u get sorted soon lizz



well i have the pain in back and ribs,sternum a bruised pain and that is costochondritis good luck feel better


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