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Update - WOW - War on Welfare petition hits 100,000

Thank you to all who signed the petition. It affects so many of us. I'm posting an update for those who are interested and the petition is still open.

Many blessings



Posted: 30 Nov 2013 12:46 PM PST

Thrilled to be able to say that WOW Petition just hit the 100K signature mark to qualify for a debate in parliament.

It was in the Daily Mirror just moments later. I'll let them tell you......

100,000 sign War On Welfare petition asking for assessment of cuts to the sick and disabled

30 Nov 2013 20:35

The achievement means the issue must be considered for debate in the House of Commons

A hundred thousand people have signed a petition calling on the Department for Work and Pensions to look again at all cuts affecting sick and disabled people.

Led by comedian and campaigner Fracesca Martinez, the War On Welfare or WOW e-petition asks the government to carry out a Cumulative Impact Assessment looking at the overall effect of cuts to sick and disabled people, as well and their families and carers.

It also asks for MPs to be given a free vote on the repeal of the Welfare Reform Act.

Campaigners are demanding an end to the Work Capability Assessment, and an independent inquiry into issues including charges for care homes, ATOS, and the closure of Remploy factories.

They also want to put a stop to "forced work under threat of sanctions for people on disability benefits".

The petition has achieved its target of 100,000 signatures with 12 days to spare before it closed.

Celebrities including Stephen Fry, Russell Brand, Yoko Ono and Bianco Jagger have endorsed the campaign.

This means is now must be considered for a debate in the House of Commons.......

You can read the full article here

Please continue to sign Wow petition here :

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Great , that is FAB news ... I signed in the early stages so that's a great result.

Thank You for posting this :)


No probs. Many blessings


Excellent news :)


It really is. We need more good news stories like this


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