in other words the script is getting long again ;)

in other words the script is getting long again ;)


Yeoman Warders Iconic, enduring, entertaining; just don’t call them ‘Beefeaters’. You'll find them standing guard and giving tours at the Tower of London. - See more at:


Yeoman Warder guided tours Join one of these famous tours where Yeoman Warders (popularly known at ‘Beefeaters’) will entertain you with tales of intrigue, imprisonment, execution, torture and much more… When? Every 30 mins (last tour 15.30 in summer, 14.30 in winter). Tours last approximately 60 mins and start near the main entrance.

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  • Hey guys!where is everyone? I've changed into suitable attire now and that fudge cake was delightful but I fear that I may be experiencing a sugar high now due to eating that cake plus quite a few curly wurlys earlier :D I just hope that my irritable bowel doesn't play up later on the dance floor or that will be embarrassing! :O

  • urm yeah! just a tad :o

    it must be nap time :D not sure where everyone's gone and hope they remember the coach to the London Eye leaves here at 5

  • Mm, who said 'Beefeaters'? Don't mention food - too much to eat on the earlier thread - I need a lie down.

  • me too see you in an hour

  • See you soon guys,just off to do dinner for all.Although I must say Iam absolutely full from the virtual curly wurlys and fudge cake,hehe :D

  • I may be snoozing for some time to come - Son is home & is in a strop - wants to use the computer. Think I'd better get on with the washing.....

  • I think I might have to send the doglets round to give your son a sharpening up in the way he addresses his mother :o :o

  • if we have BEEFEATERS,

    YEOMAN of the guard,

    that's the meat & mashed potato sorted :P

    will we also have the BACHELOR of the peas and the OXO of the gravy? :D

  • Hi Sandra good to see you popped in :D .................your reply has made me very hungry :o

    I think we may have to stop the clock and reserve the London Eye and River cruise for another time

    What do you think?

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • the virtual clock has a huge pause button if you need it - or we could all have a sleepover at buck house if liz & phil are in :)

  • LOL heheh :D

  • Foggy skulks back in looking somewhat green and realising she's missed most of the fun. .......

    Glad the doglets kept watch for you. I meanwhile started off in the surgery for my injection, next thing I know I'm in le hospital, apparently my blood pressure plummeted and I was out for the count. They kept me until 5.00 when a friend picked me up, so I'm feeling even more foggy than usual if that's possible........

    :o :o

  • Hi foggy the doglets were cared for very well by Haribo and are cosily waiting to party :D

    I had a power nap much needed I'm afraid ;)

    I think if we continue this it'll be a little later as No-one is about ;)

    Its tea time eheheheheh! this is virtual so we can stop the clock............ can't we?

  • Aww foggy,poor you! How are you now?That must of been frightening for you :O I do hope you have recovered now.Is anyone watching children in need? Pudsy was at the Tower of London! :)

  • it was meeeeeee!

    I've been on the Tower skating rink all day :)

  • I thought I spotted you on t.v Sandra! You did look rather funny I must say :D

  • :D

  • Hellooooo everyone, my goodness that was a long nap. That's odd I feel as if I've made dinner and gone shopping, what a funny dream that was. So,,,, where are we? I guess I've missed quite a bit, we're not on the way home are we?

  • Hey bluebell,it's been suspended for now as there was no one about.Hopefully we can do the London eye and dinner on the cruise boat another time :)

  • Hi Haribo, it will be a good opportunity to stock up on more curly wurlies. Looking forward to enjoying the next trip, nighty night, Xx

  • Nighty night everyone xxx

  • night night :)

  • I hope fun was had by all and sorry but fatigue caught up with me after being up since 2:30am but not to worry as virtual land is ours to control so fun shall continue on another day :D

    Chin chin cheroo :D to all of you next time shall be The London Eye and river dinner cruise with after dinner music and dancing :p

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

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