Fibro and rashes

Hi to everyone. Hope you've all had a not so bad day. Does anyone get rashes with the fibro and if so could you tell me what its like. I've started to get one and its very itchy. Never had anything like it in my life before. Sort of reminds me of excema. Also does anyone get really hot it comes and goes. Its not hot flushes or a temperature. Any replies would be appreciated. Sending hugs, Kitty xx

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  • Hi Kitty. I don't get a rash, but do get really hot for no reason, like you say it comes and goes, if I am trying to do some housework or anything like that I get very hot, its embarrassing as it happens on the rare occasion I go shopping. not sure what can be done about it.

    Hugs Mazz xx

  • Hi, I also suffer from this exceptional heat. During the summer months I used a special deodarant that i bought from the chemist that actually blocks the pores in your armpits so that you do not perspire as much. This doesn't stop the heat, but is slightly less embarrasing if you are at work or out. Just wish there was spray or roll for the rest of the upper body lol

  • Thanks mazz at least i know now its to do with the fibro. Am beginning to wonder just how many symptoms does this condition have. It seems to be never ending.

    Thanks again

    Kitty xx

  • Kitty may I ask are you over 50 and where is the rash, does it have heads to the little spots?


  • Hi gins i'm 41 but tell you i feel double that most days :-) i can laugh today (for a change) :-) anyway its a very dry rash over my face very itchy but gets sore if i scratch. Theres no heads. I remember the rhematologist asking bout psoriasis excema etc. Did he mean fibro and skin conditions go together?

    Kitty xx

  • Yes they do I'm afraid. I have regular bouts of psoriasis and have such tender ithchy places on my head that I get Nuetrogenia T-Gel shampoo on prescription. Mention it to your doctor and in the mean time your chemist might be able to give you a steroid cream which does ease the itching. If you are under any extra stress you might find it gets worse and you may have to change your soaps and washing powders etc. I use only Dove soaps and under arm deoderants etc. and I use a non bio sensitive washing powder.

    As to the heat well yes that too I walk around in a T-Shirt all the time even when its very cold outside which usually results in people asking me whether I'm cold or not. My reply to them is normally that I'm not stupid if I was cold I'd put a coat on. I go from one etreme to the other boiling hot and then freezing cold in an instant it drives me crazy. I'm heading off to South Africa at the end of the month to visit my folks and its 40 degrees C there at the moment and I'm going to die or melt lol.

    Anyway hope you get some relief soon and have a Tiggerific day lol x

  • i am so greatful to this site making me realise that i am normal (not that my family would agree) i too get these hot flashes and also have developed an itchy rash on my wrist, as well as lots of the other symptoms people on here mention. I am newly diagnosed just researching the condition and just thought i was going mad.

  • I don't get rashes related to the Fibro as such, but had a very bad facial rash due to taking Pregablin-Lycra.

    I'm the same as some of the other comments, have huge difficulty in controlling my body temperature. Over heating is the worst, this to could cause rashes. I only need to do a few simple things & the sweat is dripping off me.

    Hope you get your rash sorted I have a very good doctor & pain management & they always say any new pain area or symptom should be investigated properly & not put down to the Fibro.... x

  • rashes also a lupus symptom

  • I get psoriasis and eczema a lot. I have a rash across my stomach, and keep in check by not exposing it to too much water/soap. I found I was allergic to most of the creams and ointments (Alcohol in creams and the skin heating and pore blocking from the ointments. So I shower at the most 2 times a week, and strip wash every day instead now, occasionally an anti fungal cream if I have scratched too much and set it off.

    Hot flushes too. I assume it could be the fibro, as GP said it is menopause symptoms and I am not too sure about that. I have been very low on VitD and my psoriasis is worse than ever.

    I read that vit D deficiency symptoms were similar to fibro, and it can set off psoriasis. Also psoriatic arthritis is similar to fibro pain, so maybe a vit D test should be on the books for us all!! :-/ I suggested it to the GP myself, and never imagined it would be so low. I have my test tomorrow to see if the boost I was given earlier this year has remained up there. However I tried dovonex on my elbows and they are worse than ever!!


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