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ESA Tribunal advice needed

Good morning. I scored no points at my medical last December and appealed on the grounds of exceptional circumstances 35 asking to be put into support group - tribunal date is 19 November 2013. I have sent in supporting letters from GP and CFS/ME letter from health professional Broadgreen Hospital. Because I have applied for support group will this mean if unsuccessful I will be refused point blank or would they still consider placing me in WRAG. Is there any advice anyone can offer as to whether having two strong supporting letters is likely to enough or anything else that will assist me. Thank you all for your continued and caring support. x

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I understand, I know I am taking a gamble but feel I have a deserving case to be in the support group and hope that I may succeed by using exception circumstance reg 35 - has anyone else had any experience of scoring 0 points and being placed in support group?


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