Button Poppy Brooch

Button Poppy Brooch

Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie to the boards so you may not have seen me around so HELLO :)

I make button Jewellery and other items in my spare time and sell them on Etsy and Facebook so will hopefully be able to share a few of my creations with you.

I've had a really bad weekend and haven't been dressed since Friday :/

However, I have just managed to make this lovely little Button Poppy brooch for remembrance day and will be wearing it with pride when I drag myself out of the house tomorrow! Hope you like it, Sam xxx

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  • Hi there welcome to the site, you couldn't have picked a better site, everyone is so kind, thoughtful and helpful. We all have the same prob, Fibro, with a few other conditions thrown in, but we do have a laugh, and the volunteers on here are great, so welcome and I'm looking forward to reading your posts...gentle hugs ...Dee xx

  • Thanks for the warm welcome Dee. Hopefully get to 'Speak' to you more soon :) xxx

  • Hi Samfa, and welcome to the forum, we are a happy little band and you will find lots of lovely people with great compassion and knowledge, it with best site I've found :-)

    I love your beautiful poppy. :-) I too have made some by doing needle felting, I was so pleased with the result of mine, now I've got friends wanting me to make some for them. Much fun when you enjoy doing some craft which helps take ones mind off pain and problems. :-)

    Foggy x

  • Welcome to the site Samfa, I hope you quickly settle in. I too make broches every year but always give any money to the charity. But I am afraid we musyt remember there is a no advertising rule amongst the regulations. I hope you have read them they are very useful and help the site to run smoothly. xxgins

  • Thanks Gins, I wasn't wanting to advertise, just wanted to show what I'd made for myself and let people know how much I love crafting and a bit about what I do in my spare time. Sorry if it came across that way.

    I've made a couple for friends too and donated the money I made from them, would be so disrespectful not to!

  • Morning Samfa I do hope I was not to heavy handed I did ot mean to be :) xxgins

  • Welcome Samfa to this wonderful site.I do love your poppy,it is very good :) since I've been reading peeps posts and talking to people on here it has helped me so much.Please do join in on the virtual trips we have from time to time as they are great fun :)

  • Hi Samfa, welcome - everyone here is just wonderful with serious help and advice if you need it - of course we do have a `mad` element, no names, you`ll find out soon! Best wishes.

  • Hey Samfa,

    Welcome to the site. :D I'm sorry you've been suffering recently and that you've been diagnosed with this. The good news is we're all here to support each other and all know what the other person is going through, so you can be completely honest here any time.

    I love your design. You seem like a lovely person and would love to chat some time.

    Best wishes and healing (((hugs))) from Fay (19)


  • Thanks so much for all the welcomes everyone.

    Means a lot :) xxx

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