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PIP Application Waiting Time?

Hi everyone

My PIP application was received and scanned into the system on the 5th sept. I left it for ages heard nothing. When I phoned they told me when it had been scanned on the system and to leave it 6 weeks and phone back. So I phoned the other day and was told it had been sent through to the Atos team on the 15th sept and I defiantly should have heard from them by now with an appointment date. They gave me the number to phone them direct. So i did. They told me that yes they had the forms but they had not been scanned into their system yet and they didnt know when they would be and couldn't give me an appointment date over the phone due to the sheer amount of applications. However a friend of a friend applied after me and had her assessment about 4 weeks I am a little confused as to why I am waiting to have my date sent for my assessment when she has had hers already.

So how long have you guys had to wait for your initial assessment date to come?

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Hi Pebbles

I sent in for PIP on the 10th July and had the same thing I had to phone ATOS direct I finally got my assessment on the 17thOct after a lot of phoning my support worker got the date and took me.

I phoned PIP yesterday to find out what the progress was of my claim and was told that Atos is taking between 6-12 weeks to send there report back to them...

So keep phoning them as I understand it the whole thing will take about 5-6months for us to get any answers

Good Luck Gentle Hugs

Gilly x


Hi are these new claims. My dla finishes April next year so will be going on to pip I normally have heard by now about re-applying? Thanks


i have been waiting 7 months for my clain to go through and it is making tip over with my mental health so i need it to hurry up ands i am claiming fr the first time and i just want the wait to end and have phoned them and they keep saying it is on its way as there are no assessment s


I have today had a letter from DWP to tell me that I am awarded my PIP and I got mobility too, both on lower rate but better then nothing....I applied June 2013, had appointment 17 October 2013 and after loads of phone calls I gave up, what did happen was I moved house so I rang them and also said that I have now been diagnosed with arthritis, which he told me to put in writing and thing new, so I did, whether this made them hurry up, I don't know....But good luck to everyone with theirs....One very happy fibro sufferer..xxxx


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