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Hi, I have just recently been diognosed with fibromyalgia

I also have Asthma and depression, we have in the last week just moved, with car and trailer never again!! But at the time I didn't know I had Fibromyalgia it was only diognosed last Friday, after having a row with the Doctor to refere me to hospital as I was sick and tired of feeling so ill !!! He said ok but they won't find anything!!! Omg when I feel better he and I are going to have words with someone official with me,

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Hello,and welcome to this wonderful site full of caring and lovely people.You certainly have come to the best place for support,information,advice and we have fun as well with our virtual trips to different places.It must be such a relief now that you have a diagnoses and now you can move forward with finding the best combo of treatments that suit you.Fibroaction have a wealth OT info on treatments,pacing etc that is worth looking at if you haven't already.Plus the people on here have a lot of experience as well so you can ask any questions you want.Sounds like you need to change g.p as finding a supportive g.p can really help.I have only just changed my g.p after having a rubbish g.p for years,I wish I had changed a long time ago now as it really helps a lot.I also moved house last year so can understand how challenging it can be with this condition.Take it easy now and try to get as much rest as able to and take your time unpacking :)


Thank you for your message, yes I want to change my doctor, although we have moved we are still in the same surgery, I try not to see my own Dr when I go there, I'm hoping there is a future out there somewhere for me as I've been of work for 4 years now with depression and now this but at least I know what's wrong with me, I can deal with it better. Just need to come to terms with it! I'm angry and upset at the moment if that makes sence, and I'm a single mum with 3 teenage kids, my daughter 18 and so helpful 2sons 20&21 my 20 year old is getting a bit better and doing more but my 21 yr old is being difficult because he doesn't want to live here but has anxiety and panic attacks but I've got to think about me now I can no longer cope with him but I feel mean as I've told him he's got to sort his own life out now, if he doesn't like it here to find somewhere of his own, in my heart I think this will help him to be more independent as well and not to rely on me so much


Hey there,I had the same experience where I wouldn't see my own g.p or a few others.I was accused of being addicted to tramadol by my own g.p just because I asked for a repeat prescription!! I should have made an official complaint and left but I didn't at the time.Ive also not been able to work for 8 years now,I also have depression and fibro. Depression is one of the symptoms of fibro but I had depression long before fibro since I was 13 but never told anyone.I got officially diagnosed with clinical depression some years back when it was severe.Iam also a single mum to two boys but mine are young,11 and 5 years old.I think you are right that you have to put your health first or otherwise you will become more ill and not be good for anything.Your som is old enough to understand that.Does he get any counselling or help for his problems?Sorry to hear that you feel angry,it is quite normal to feel resentful and angry when we first find out what is wrong with us.Its the same as a grieving process that you go through as your life will not be the same as it was before you were ill.Be gentle on yourself and allow yourself time to get through this.Counselling could be helpful to help you come to terms with your illness.You can get CBT counselling through your g.p,iam about to apply for it again myself.Talking about how you feel to like minded people on here is helpful so keep posting xx


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