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just been told have fibromyalgia


hi all, ive just been told last week that I do have fibromyalgia, I also have RA for 14 years.

does fibro cause redness to your skin where you have pain? since Christmas I have found that thr top of my back and arms are very red, just like sunburn. doctors has seen it but did not know what it is.any ideas?


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Hi jwren,

I would imagine the redness is due to RA not fibro - I have both, and I get patches of redness when the RA is very bad. As far as I know, fibro doesn't usually cause redness, but I know that RA definitely does.

If your doc has seen it and doesn't know what it is, it might just be dry skin from this awful cold weather we've been having. Rub some mild lotion on it for a few days and see if that helps

Moffy x

No, Fibro wouldn't cause a rash like this.

Has your rheumy seen it?

the rheumy hasn't seen this only my gp, its not on the joints and it has no pimples or raised hives, it dosnt itch but is hot, it can come and go throughout the day, and its not where ive been sitting. im totally checking it all the time. I did get cortisoide cream off the doc, but nothing changed.

this could just be another thing to add to the list.



No lindsey and Moffy are right it doesn't cause a rash.. Sometimes I get large patches of skin that I can't bear to be touched and it feels like the nerves there are on fire but the skin isn't hot or red...

moffy knows a lot more about RA than I do I have OA so I would take her advice and if you have an appt with your rheummy soon show them

VG x


Hi ,

I find that my skin is very sensitive now and there is redness wherever there may be pressure , i also now suffer from really dry flaky skin on my legs . Maybe its a side effect from my meds or maybe its a result of Fibro ???????

Hugs, Kira x

Thanks everyone, when I go back to rheumy I will take some photos with me. I just didn't think it would be RA as ive had RA for 14 years and never had this redness.

once again, many thanks


Hi Jenny,

I have just re-read your post, and if this redness is always in the same place and feels hot and burning, with no pimples, and not on the joints, then the likely answer is a sensitivity reaction.

It could be something you take, maybe a NSAIDS medication, or more likely something that gets onto your skin, shower gel, shampoo, hairspray - these days the list is endless. It's not like an allergy, which will produce hives, but a generalised redness.

It's often very difficult to find the cause of these problems, and frequently they just go away without you ever knowing the cause.

Maybe your rheumy will be able to cast light on the subject, but if it should get much worse, then see your GP as soon as you can!

Moffy x

Hi Jenny, I was diagnosed about three months ago. I get redness (not a rash) above my knees and on lower thighs, and blotchy skin too. Especially at the end of the day. I get itching and burning and all the other fibro things.

There is quite a few connections with redness...the red reaction in fibro on the web. This is a useful site and it expalins the over histamine production fibromites can suffer from psyweb.com/FMS/fibromyalgia...

This is a great group I'm in Devin is a doctor with Fibro and gives advice when she can. It is a recovery/management focused group and you can ask to join facebook.com/groups/4039228...

Hi..please go to doc..i was tested positive for ra went to consultant and she said it was fibro..my doc put my name forward for a clinical research programe for bone density..im 63... I went on monday and scan showed that i have osteoarthiritis in spine and hips...that was all they scan apparently..so all this time i have been complaining ' my bones hurt' only to be told oh its yr fibro and slipped discs!... I am goin to see my doc and TELL him i want to be refered to a specialist...i do think that when we have fibro they blame all ailments on it...i had problems swollowing...oh its yr fibro....three months later i complained that it was no better...sent me to ENT..had tests...underactive thyroid! I wont let anything go on now...plus i stoped taking naproxin for two days to see if it had any impact on pains...i couldnt walk and all joints were swollen ...so doc said oh yr RA must be worse than we thought!!! This was bfore scan so im going in guns blazing ! Dont be fobed off ..doctors dont know everything...i keep you posted ...xx

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