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applying for mobility and other disability allowances ?

hello i really need to advice i dont know where to go and who to see.i have scoliosis and everytime i see anyone its always put down to that where i feel it may be something else? ive seen the fibro information and i have pain and stiffness in all the places it says i dont know where i would go to be tested ? .i have extreemly painful joints my fingers and hands blow up and also my feet especially the right one as at the moment i cannot walk without crutches and have a wheelchair. i went for my first appointment with a spinal registrar and he had nothing about me no details. i have been in hospital for 2 weeks after a fall as i was getting weaker with the pain im on morphine,tramadol 200mg,amitrypiline,diazapan,gabapentin, tramadol 50mg,diclofenac.morphine tablets and oral morhine.ive been taking these for a long time apart from the mophine thats been recent over last 8 weeks or so.I apologise if i am craming alot of information and i am happy to explain anything more but does anyone think it is worth e claiming any benefits ? or do i need to wait further , my scoliosis has been horrifc pain over last 3 years and i have been on so much medication it has really changed my life.after my fall now i have handles for the toilet a hightent seat,bars to help me lift up,an extra bannister to help me get to bed and i am trying to find a better wheelchair as the one they have me is very heavy and uncomfortable so i cannot even be taken out.i cannot make any meals i have help dressing and washing, i have a special seat over the bath then i can shower sat down, if anyone can see if i can claim anyhelp or if my husband can claim carers as he looks after me before work and after and all through the night if i need turning or need some morhine.many thanks for reading and once again sorry if it is a little messed but i am just not very happy with the way i feel in such pain and all my family are so upset wathing me too. ty nicola xx

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Hi Nikk75

I think you should see your GP as soon as possible and ask for a referral to a rheumatologist. Then see if CAB can help you with claiming your rightful benefits.

My husband cares for me before and after work like you but be careful if he gives up to care for you full time, it could affect any other benefits. I'm not completely sure but I think he can work only a few hours a week in a job and still be you carer. Gov.UK is a very good site with a lot of information.

Social Services or Occupational Health may be able to get the equipment you need, again go back to you doctor. If he fobs you off tell him you have a lot of information from this site and ask if he thinks fibro could apply to you as you have many of the symptoms. If you get no further, change your doctor.

Hope this helps.


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