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Should I apply for PiP? I don't feel that I am allowed to

Hi I have fibromyalgia and have been diagnosed since march this year. I am also the full time carer for my daughter who has autism and epilepsy. I feel that with me being a carer that I wouldn't be allowed to apply for it. No doctor has said about me putting a claim in. I also haven't seen any specialist. I have had blood tests and with the list of symptoms I have been suffering with the doctor said that it was fibromyalgia. Do I have a right to apply for PiP? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Everyone have a great weekend x

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Hi You can always apply and see what they think no harm done by that- Good luck Ginsing.


Hi Kazmac, I think so, but i have been looking through the web sites and come up with zilch.

The best thing to do is to phone them and ask,

Some one else on the site may know more.

Hugs sue xx


PIP is paid so that you can live as normal a life as anyone, with those things you are unable to do qualifying you for a level of benefit in relation with disability rather than condition that is causing it.


I have had a look at the eligibility and can't see anywhere that being a carer precludes you from claiming PIP so it is worth giving it a go. I think it will not only be based on what you can't do and it is your own personal needs that are looked at not anyone elses so have have a look at the eligibility criteria on somewhere like Gov.Uk or the Benefits and Work Site to see whether you fulfill the criteria or come very near it. I don't know whether you have a CAB office near you as it would certainly be worth having a word with them and getting help with the for,.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do and keep us up to date.x


I am also the carer for my son who has Asperger Syndrome, and in receipt of DLA. His needs are mental, mine are physical, so we help each other out. PIP is paid not for the conditions you have, but for the needs you have, fill in the form carefully detailing the things you need help with. It doesn't matter if you receive that help or not. For example I struggle to prepare a meal without help. My son cannot cook at all, however he lifts pans, cuts up my food and carries plates to and from table. He also loads the dishwasher and puts the heavier items away. Although I need help with housework, PIP does not take that into account, nor does it consider shopping a necessity. However if you are housebound and cannot get out to do window shopping, that is something that IS taken into consideration.

I suggest you request a guide to filling in your form from the admins here, or ask Welfare Rights to help you.

You have nothing to lose by applying.

Good luck

Em x


Hi kazmac007 :)

I can't answer your question directly but can hopefully point you in the direction to find out :)

Please check out the link below to our benefite section of our Mothersite fibroaction.org for useful links and advice :)


gov.uk is a really good site to look for benefit eligibility :)

Hope this helps :)

xxx sian :)


Thank you all so much for all your info. I'm settling myself in front of the PC tonight to look for as much info as possible. I'm also going to email the fife carers centre as they helped me fill in the DLA form for my daughter. I never thought of the CAB. I will call them on Monday. I'm so glad I joined this forum. Thanks again. I will let you know how I get on.


I work as a career and iv just received pip standard rate for both keep trying love xx


Hi kazmac007

It is always worth having a go? You have absolutely nothing to lose in trying?

I want to wish you all the best of luck.

Ken x


I have had low level DLA for fibro, Hashimotos , osteoarthritis & look after my mum. My illness has got worse but I still look after my mum who is 91 & blind. She live 15 miles away so I support her over the phone & do all her financial management - look after the Carers - do her online shopping, emotionally I am her anchor and confidante. She speaks to me 3/4 times a day & I try and get Carers to sort things & her friends when needed. I try to go once or twice a week to see her.

I don't get Carers allowance because mum would get less money to pay for her care if I did, but that doesn't mean I don't care for her. Anything she needs I have to try and get some way or other cos I wouldn't want her in a home.

I can't see that would stop you applying for PIP as people can work & still get it.

I hope you do try - as there is nothing lost

Best wishes



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