Had symptoms of fibro for 15 years had bad flare upMonday

She could not believe that I have not seen a specialist!!?? so waiting to see . She gave me some other medication to try , we'll I slept , but got up to get ready for work the room was swaying !!! oh no it was me who was swaying, could not walk left eye very cloudy, had to walk with my stick. , which I was given when I went to hospital due to back pains ! not sure if this is worse than the pains .

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  • Hi Husky,

    I often feel like I could cope with the pain (I had been doing since I was 14) if that was all I had. It's the chronic fatigue that gets me (and is what stopped me working). So, yes, I agree that the symptoms additional to the pain can make life much more difficult, and at times, unbearable. Hope you're feeling better soon :)

    Pip xx

  • Hi Husky

    sometimes it can takes a couple of days for the medicine to settle in your body then you should feel much better.


  • Ok thanks have taken a few days off so hopefully will be back to some sort of normality

  • Hi husky, I'm sorry you're feeling rough, I think you've made a good decision to take some days off work to rest up and recover.

    Sometimes some sort of normality is the best we can expect, but I wish you even more than that :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Husky,

    Know where you are coming from, took twenty years before I got diagnosed!

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