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What a week I'm having

Hi all,

This week has been very tough for me. I've been in an awful lot of pain this week. I've felt very low at times. My fibro and M.E. affects me all over my body but I've had this strange pain on my left side at the top of the shoulder and then to my arm and my shoulder blade, it's really difficult. It's affecting my breathing and I can't put pressure on my left arm which means I can't hold my crutches properly. Even when I'm sitting its still affecting me even just lifting my arm up, which hurts most of the time anyway. I try to stay positive as much as I can but lately I've just felt low, low, low. I've had depression in the past and I know the signs to look out for. I'm seeing my GP next week and will mention it to her then. I'm just in sooooooo much pain all the time and tired all of the time too. How do we all cope? What else can I do than trying to stay positive? I'm a religious person and I have faith and a lot of it helps me stay strong, I just feel.......upset. My mum passed away in 2007 and I miss her so much. I'd talk to her about all of this. I talk to my mum in law and we are very close as is my hubbie who is my carer and I feel that I can talk to him and I have done. I just want my old life back..... I think that a lot of us do. Really I just wanted to put words to paper......I'll bet a lot of people feel the way that I do. Oh well, I'm going back to the comfy chair to watch some Tv if I can find the energy lols. Gentle fibro hugs to you all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hello - I'm so sorry you are feeling so low :-( is it a massive "flare up" or do you think it's something entirely different ?

I hope you're not going to dismiss the pain for much longer because it sounds like angina to me / please go and see your g.p. / I'm not a doctor but I did have a heart attack almost 6 weeks ago and I'd been having pains like you're describing for quite a while / I never visited my g.p. as I thought it was fibro :-( it turned out to be chronic heart failure / angina :-(

PLEASE DON'T THINK I AM DIAOGNOSING YOU, BECAUSE IM NOT - I'm simply offering you my opinion as I have had similar issues recently.....get well soon and take care....let me know how you get on ....regards. Tina


Hi Batista you are really having a tough day. I think you need to see your doctor tomorrow if you can have the pain as in your arm checked out. I hope it is not too bad tonight but if it increases go to as get checked

Thinking of you. Xgins


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