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The importance of making time to do things for yourself

Yes yourself it doesnt matter what you do today make time to do at least one thing entirely for your self.

Ring a friend.

Go out for lunch

Paint your nails

Read that book you keep putting down

Have your hair done.

Do something that makes you smile I dont know what you tell us I hope it is something ridiculous.

Write to fatha Christmas (well you never know)

Ring a old friend who you havent spoken to in ages.

Bake a cake

Infact what ever floats your boat as they say!

Enjoy my friends xxgins

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Good morning gins I agree with you , it keeps me sane just to do my nails have a hot bath , or watch a film , we need time to our selves I find it helps to gather my own thoughts on whats happening to me ! Hugs angie x


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