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I am sure that all the stress from work is causing the new pains that are in my sides and neck never had them before but the more stressed I get a t work the worse pains become. I know home life is stressful at moment with my hubby not feeling to well and not being able to work but I am sure that work is the biggest problem. Trying to find a new job but no luck yet. I get fed up with being treated like a second class citizen by them and am really considering calling the union.Well that my little rant, I hope all aren't feeling to bad and are as pain free as possible. thanks for listening

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Morning Ronald,

I hope you are feeling better this morning and calmer perhaps even dare I say it less "stressed". There really is no answer you have to work through it and find your own way out of the maze. But what ever you do try and give yourself a little YOU time it is so important It matters not what it is just sitting in the garden in the evening on your own or maybe going for that new hair cut or a cffee with a friend who is a good listener. Just space for you and things will start to sort themselves out. xxgins


Hi Ronald, I agree with gins try and take some "you time ", its so hard when you work and are in pain. I gave up my job because of the stress it caused me. Try and put yourself and health first. Good luck.

Jan x


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