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How to have an immediate injection

Hi, I guess some people here are aware that you can have an injection at your pain clinic to help local pain. This is available by the nhs and when you ask your doctor for one you have to wait about three months more or less to be send to the pain clinic. I've done that and by the time I went there it wasn't so worth to have it in one single place, and I honestly would prefer to avoid it since I'm niddlephobic and the idea freaks me out - I also heard it could actually make the pain worse too so imagine ...- My question is, I am now really struggling with the usual and some extras that seem to be trying to make my life impossible even lying down and I could really do with one injection in my lower back. How could I have one now when I need it??? I guess I could go to emergencies at hospital but I would have to wait for long and I can't even sit. I presume privately you could get it almost straight away but is there any other option available I could access to?? It would really help I can't hardly move and I am lying down all day. Many thanks,

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Hi smily, as I read through your question, I was thinking hard, firstly I think you will need visit to your own GP for several reasons. I think you need to know what exactly is causing the extreme pain in your back, to the extent that you can neither sit or lie comfortably. Secondly I think that if you turned up at A&E presenting with this problem, asking for an injection, I fear they will not be that helpful, they will want to get to the bottom of the cause and as you say, the wait that you will have go through going via that route will be considerable. Then on to the private option, well, yes, if you can afford it you will get a private consultation very quickly, but yet again that brings me back to my first point about needing to establish exactly what the cause is, although I'm sure many of us Fibro sufferers do get considerable back pain, it can of course have other causes, which one needs to be aware of. I have muscle spasms, which to people who don't know me, might think, "oh that's her Fibro playing up", but in fact I have had two compression fractures of my lumbar spine, which is a whole different ball game.

So smily, I think the only honest advice I can give you is that which I started with, go to your GP and get the ball rolling there and ask if he/she feels a private consultant would be a good idea and you can afford it, then the decision can be made then.

I'm sorry not to be more constructive, but I can only go by what my own experience has been. Hoping very much that you find a solution very very soon, as I now only too well how debilitating chronic back pain is.

Foggy x


Hi smily, I must agree with fybrofoggiest you really need to get it checked out it could be a number of things. A few years ago I was in extreme pain I could hardly do anything for myself like getting dressed, toileting issues I couldn't even hold a cup of coffe as it caused so much pain in my back. I have FMS and Osteoarthritis. I was off work for a year. I was given the injection it was incredibly painful especially in an area that is so painful to start with. Anyway it set me back about 9 months. I couldn't sit stand of lie down and spent a good few hours hanging over the kitchen worktops. Revisiting the pain consultant he refused to give me another as it hadn't worked. All that additional pain for nothing! Get it checked out its a very painful procedure.

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