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Hi all

Have been having some great weeks but knowning I was due for a flare up :(

I haven't been feeling well these last few days not sure if its a side effect to my new medication dihydrocodiene with two paracetamols I have had my sleep effected loads last night was the worse, I felt physically cold but my skin was hot to touch.

My friend from college had contacted me to see if I was doing my level 3 in Health and Social Care, I told her I hadn't heard anything so I messaged other people on my course and some had and some hadn't so I might wait a week and see if anything happens.

I managed to get myself sorted yesterday and forced myself to go out as I needed a birthday card and present for my dad. So I slowly walked down to the bus stop and I have noticed my left knee has been painful to walk on :'( I managed to get on the bus and sit down. But found I can't put a lot of weight on my left knee as it is very painful, at the last GP I asked for a wheel chair just to help me to and from places and was refused, I'm concerned this pain is going to continue and I'm going away in two week and maybe not be able to walk around, but I'm concerned it maybe to short notice to do anything now :(

Is anyone on full DLA and living alone I know my DLA won't be looked at till 2015 plus, just I'm starting to find things harder at home :(

Thanks :)

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Hi there sorry to hear you ae not feeling too well, are you on any other meds, if so the tablets may not agree with any of them, if u think its the dihydrocodiene or paracetamol I would go back to you docs, could be some content in the dehidrocodiene that the paracetamol is having an effect on, please go back and let your Doc know, hope your feeling better by the time you go away, take care gentle hugs coming your way ...Dee x


I react badly to dihydrocodein - feeling dizzy, disoriented, unable to sleep, almost like too much caffeine. You should go back to GP for advice.

With regards to walking, when I started to have difficulties walking more than couple of minutes (I was also about to go on holiday), I bought a second hand folding "boot" mobility scooter from a well known auction site. It was fantastic and gave me the freedom to enjoy the holiday with my family and go to all the places we wanted to and also conserved my energy so I could keep going. I have since bought a more powerful scooter, but that first, cheap one gave me chance to know whether I needed one and the benefits of using it.

Good luck x


Hi thanks for getting back to me.

I spoke to my friend about it and she said that there is lots of bars to stop at in turkey so I don't need to worry.

I am look at Segways while I'm away :)



Oh brilliant segways look fantastic have a marvelous time xgins the jealous xx


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