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This is different - How annoying are flies at this time of YEAR ?

I dont know about you - I cannot abide flies in any shape from or size. They buzz they dont buzz f the silent ones are the worse. Creeping up on you - silently sitting on your knee twitching there feet together in a quite ghastly beat. YES I think I have made a point I DON'T LIKE FLIES OF ANY SIZE.

What can we do - squish -squash- splat chase them around the room with a broom a tennis racquet a rolled up newspaper a fly swatter. Squirt them poison then I read about a way of keeping them out and I am so demented with them I am about to try it out.

Take a clear polythene sandwich bag

Fill with clear water about half way

pop two or three five p pieces in

tie up the bag Hang at doorway or window where flies come in!

Thats it end of problem - eh - yes they won't cross the thresh hold why well what they see is a giant lies eye warning them off.

Sounds reasonable I shall try it today you try it too lets see if it works!

Good luck - flicks fly of key board - xgins

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if you read this first think i had written Fkies instead of flies he he quite appropriate xgins


I feel the same and my hubby makes me jump out of my skin when he wacks the fly with a newspaper and my little dog goes mad. Pesky little fly's!!


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