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Not sure if this is a question or a blog? Do you get sick during a flare?

Hi everyone. Hope the heat is soothing your FM rather than irritating it. I have been off work this whole week with severe nausea and vomiting - I couldn't keep sips of water down. They were going to admit me to hospital at one stage because I wasn't keeping any if their meds down and nothing was working.

I had blood tests and stool samples, etc, etc but they all came back clear.

Its just a thought, but I have been rather hectic at work (albeit part time) and I wondered if this sickness could be part of a flare-up?

When I first got FM symptoms I was sick the same way, so I just wondered if this is common?


Gentle hugs to all.


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It is not that usual Cry baby do you think you could have had sunstroke or heat stroke. That would certainly make you sick and nauseous.

If all your tests were clear I think the heat must be the culprit. Drink lots of water dont dehydrate in this weather we need extra fluid Take care xgins


Hi Gins,

Thanks so much for your reply. I'm really not sure. It obviously has been really hot, but the nausea and vomiting had been for a full 3 weeks in total, with this last week being the worst.

I suppose it could be something to do with the heat, but I'm from South Africa - I have had worse heat than this most of my life.

I just thought there might be a small link between a flare-up of symptoms and this vomiting too.

I hope no one else has this problem - it's awful!

Thanks again,

Gentle hugs.


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