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After Effects of Hospital Visit

For a while now I've been having problems swallowing - to the point of choking on some occasions. I've also had heartburn and my GP has been of the opinion it may be causd by reflux but recently she decided to send me for a gastrocopic examination. On Monday I had it done - waited almost 2 hours before being seen which was not a good start. Next I had my throat sprayed with a local anaesthetic and that's when I started to get worried because I was struggling to breathe (that & my sinuses were dripping & I couldn't swallow at all.) The first attempt at putting the 'scope down was horrible & they wanted to sedate me but I

decided to persevere (I wanted out ASAP) so they started again.

This time it set off my gag reflex & I was heaving as though being sick - the nurse that was there started to become really patronising at this point as well telling me to be a good girl & try to relax (if I could I would). Eventually they finish & I was given oxygen as they removed the 'scope.

To say I've felt traumatised is an understatement to the point I've been having flashbacks, panic attacks & nightmares. I never want to go through that again! Not had a panic attack for years but have had loads this week.

On the positive side there was nothing to indicate a reason for the swallowing problems - sinister or otherwise. Don't know if I'll be referred to ENT next or not.

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My goodness you have been put through a lot. I think if they suggest doing it again I would opt for being put under. At least when you are a sleep you cannot fight them :) I hope they find out why you are gagging it must be horrid. Good luck let us know how it goe xgins


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