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Does anyone else end up with flu during a bad flare up?

I had a really bad flare up on Monday night on my feet. I literally was in so much pain and they were so swollen, I couldn't walk. Overnight I developed a dry throat and woke up with a cold. My feet are much better today but I now feel wretched with flu!

I am so so fed up with being unwell all the time :( it's bad enough with the fibromyalgia day in day out without having flu as well x x

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It may be that the viral infection caused your flare, not the other way round. Are you sure it's 'flu, or do you have a heavy cold? The two are often confused, but if you feel very unwell with severe headache, high fever, nausea and aching limbs, then you ought to let your doctor know as it's important to ensure you don't have meningitis, and possibly to give you some Tamiflu - which is an antiviral agent.

I hope you feel better soon.

Moffy x


Thanks Moffy x x


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