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Walking = exercise= exhaustion!!!!

I thought it was about time I got off my lazy butt and went for a walk in an attempt to firm up those wobbly bits and also get some exercise.l have noticed that since I have decreased the amount of fitness I have been doing I have had muscle wastage and get the shakes!!! So on this freezing cold morning I put on my new ski jacket and gloves ( i did wear other clothes too) and walked about 2 miles, maybe a little more. I really enjoyed it, my ears froze though!!! My back started going into spasm and my knee gave way at one point, but I was so glad I did it.

I have to say a few hours on I do feel exhausted, but unless we build up our strength with are in a vicious cycle and will never improve our pain or even be in a positive position to manage it.

Maybe it's nap time soon, thank goodness my husband is out tonight so I can curl up and doze with some trashy TV!!!!

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Hi Rach,

I totally agree with you. I've become a lot less active since being diagnosed with fibro and have put on weight and acquired a few more wobbly bits. So, I vowed to make an effort and try to walk about 1-2 miles every other day. It's great, and even though it hurts, getting those endorphins going is so worth it. I walked slowly into town and back last week - about 4 miles - I was buzzing when I got home and all that evening - I felt great. However, I regretted it the next day, I was hunched up like an 80-year old and could hardly walk. BUT, knowing that I'd exercised made me feel ok about taking the next day off and just resting on the sofa. Still learning to pace myself and knowing my limits.


Walking 2 mles a day with my little dog has over time helped with the pain.It eases my depressive symptoms too.Having my dog ensures I go out in all weathers and meet people, otherwise I thin k I wouldn't go out at all.


Walking definatly is a time to de stress especially if the sun is out!!! It makes me feel happier too.....not when my ears feel like they are going to get frost bite though!!!

They do say with FMS that you need to build up your exercise slowly, so maybe the pacing you are doing is good.....atleast you are doing more than some people which is really really positive.

On a good note for me...I don't ache and I didn't need to snooze yesterday evening!!....the walk was obviously worth it then!!


Thanks Christine....I just can't wait for the warmer weather!!!! I will continue with the exercise as it does make me feel better. I will not let FMS control me....I will control it!!!!


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