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I sent an email to info@fibroaction about needing help with my appeal, how long does it usually take to get a reply?

Hi, I sent the email on 25th June & was hoping someone could let me know how long it usually takes to get a reply? I have been told that I need medical reports regarding my Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Osteo Arthritis, Trigeminal Neuralgia, two trapped nerves, and herniated disc in my lower spine, plus representation, to support my appeal against having been placed in the WRAG. Can anyone let me know please if I need to resend it marked for the attention of anyone or send it to different address?


Julie x

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email emma at for the benefit & work guides.

you'll have to write to your gp & consultants and ask them to write letters of support.

ask them to send them to you to put in your claim pack - make copies.




Hi there if you emailed you should have had the work and benefit sheets to help you write your appeal back within a day... We have the free sheets available to anyone who wants them , but you would have to request your medical sheets and arrange representation.

VG x


Thanks very-grumpy & sandra99b, I have resent my email to info, but have already spoken to my gp about a letter of support/medical report, but she said that the tribunal wrote to them separately which is why appeals took so long to be heard, they have to wait to get the info back from the gp. I'll contact my rheumo cons sec on Monday & speak to my physio & pain clinic nurse too.

Thanks again,

Julie x


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