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Stressful couple of week

I have a stressful couple of weeks coming up. Fortunately I am going on hols on 22nd so should be looking forward to that but right now that seems miles away.

Over the next 2-3 weeks I find out if works health insurance will award me medical retirement or not. If not I'll be expected to resume work in the office every day & put in 10 hr days which I know I can't do :(

I should also hear back from the DVLA about my driving licence :( mind you I've been waiting on that decision since August last year....

I've also got a review from the physio to see how hydrotherapy is going on the 19th & an ophthalmology appt at the hospital on the 17th...

So stressed but trying not to show it & I think that's making things worse.

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Don't hide your feelings, SuzyB - let it all hang out and be a stress-head like me! It's amazing how much better I feel after I've had a good old swear (in a private room of course),and punched a few cushions!

I hope your health insurance comes up trumps, then you can go on holiday and relax!

Have a great time. :)

Moffy x


Today I almost did in the middle of the office as I was told unum have lost all of the medical records that were sent to the back in April. So 12 weeks is up today & they've not even started looking at my records. They tried to say they hadn't received them but fortunately they were sent registered and so I could look it up on Royal Mails website. So now my medical records are missing & my drs surgery won't be able to re-copy everything for 2 months so I have to battle on longer :'( my hr dept are looking into it as its pants


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