Waiting for ESA decision and missed phone call from DWP

Hello Everyone,

I enjoy reading all the posts thank you all.

They help me feel less alone and also help me understand more about my poor health

I'm writing tday to say I missed a call yesterday morning and again this morning from the DWP, I have had Incapacity but had to apply for ESA. Sent ESA50 several weeks ago, around the end of April, and not heard anything until these two calls which I have missed.

Has anyone else had a phone call to tell them ATOS/DWP's decision?

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  • My husband had calls but it was to clarify a couple of things & discuss arrange a date for his Assessment.

  • Hi

    I had a call in January to let me know I was in the support group, sorry it is impossible to predict what they wanted you for, hopefully they will try and contact you again ASAP.

  • Hi Sunshiner

    You could phone them and even if not the exact department I would'be thought they could trace it when you give them your details eg. Nat ins number etc. ( then again..... Lol!) You may have to hold on the phone for a while but it's better than wondering what it was about.

    If you're like me with this fibro I don't always hear the phone or if having a bad day I'm in bed still in the morning.... Usually making up for a bad night sleep.. That's why we're on ESA after all!

    All the Best

    Wendy x

  • Hi,

    I had a call to ask me a few additional questions and then was told I would be in the support group.

    Good luck x

  • I never had a call but they sent a letter for drs adress. I still not heard anythibg after 5 weeks.

    I am just on my way for the back to work interview.

  • Hi there... Is it not always the way... we wait and wait for something and then when it arrives we miss it.... I have to say that i did not Have a phone call.... I had to call the DWP to ask if the money that had appeared in my bank was done in error.... I had no Idea that I had been granted ESA.... I was told that the money was in fact from DWP and i did not have to send it back..... Neddless to say the letters arrived three weeks later xxx

  • The DWP do ring people out of the blue, as to what they want to know is anyone's guess.

  • I had the same ,, went from incapacity to esa. I did put on the forms that I was very stressed out about filling the forms and could I please have a decision as soon as poss....[ to put me out me misery] the decision maker rang me and asked a few more questions, and they rang me again the next morning to say I was put in the surport group....hope that its the same for you...I would ring them bk and say you missed the calls...good luck xxxx

  • Hi

    I too had a call to say I was in support group x

    C x

  • Hello, it's me again with the answer.

    Mystery over, I rang again this morning and managed to reach an adviser who said I've been awarded the ESA, have been put in the support group and won't be reviewed for 18 months.

    So I was mightily relieved and yet sad that I've become such a write off!

    Of course I needed to know my medical records had substantiated my claim but at the same time I always feel it confirms I'm a medical wreck.

    Ah well onwards and forwards,

    Thank you all so much, I'm sorry for being a quiet blogger but I have to say you are all such a positive influence to listen to.

    It's reassuring to know that you are all helpful.

    The information you all post is excellent, particularly the recent fibro advancement.

    All my best wishes to you all xc

  • Hi,

    I received a call from them approx 3 weeks after sending ESA050. Thankfully, it was to tell me I'd been placed in support group. They don't seem to call if its bad news, they don't want to answer Q's or be met with an angry applicant!

    Fingers crossed, it'll be the news you were hoping for x

  • I had ESA medical and they then phoned to say I was too ill too work (after 4 weeks). I did have to retire through ill health before the medical......was nice for them to call and confirm, they put me in the support group. Wish you good luck.

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