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Fibro friendly gps consultants etc

This is our list of GPS consultants etc that have been recommended to us ... We are always on the look out for more to add to this list ... If you know a good fibro friendly GP , rheumatologist , or any health proffessional please email Emma at and give the name address and occupation of the person or persons and add a brief description of what they do and why they are so good and it can be added to our list for members to browse through and hopefully find what they are looking for in their area

VG x

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hi was looking for the site to put my doctor on the list

he is fab and with out him I don't no where I would be

he found every think that was wrong with me

and if I go to him . he will try to do everythink he can to help me

and the main thing he will just let me ratel on and he does not gudge me


Hi, thanks for posting this great list. just to let you know that Prossor John E Davies (first entry under South East) sadly died on 10/06/13. Existing patients have been written to and given the name of an alternative Rheumotlogist who has agreed to see his patients.


Oh how sad. I had been looking at his information and was going to contact him. Finding someone near is proving very difficult.




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