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Hi all I`m back for the moment

Hi everyone, . I have been out of action for 2/3 weeks as this b machine of mine is playing me up no end, I nearly threw it out of the window, because it gets me on line, then, promptly takes me off again, the frustration is getting beyond me, especially when you have all the other problems to deal with, and you can`t keep in touch with people who will support you, I have really missed not being able to be in contact with all you fibor friends, so I would like to say, I hope you are all managing to stay sane. and fairly well. I am going to have quite a time now trying to catch up with everyone, and hopefully if this machine continues to let me, put my fourpennith [ I think I spelt that right, my brain recently has been on a completely different path to the rest of my body ] in. Lots of hugs to you all

Lyndia x

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