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Newly Diagnosed

Hi there

I am new to this site, having only been diagnosed with fybromialgia yesterday!! I also have secondary sub-cutaneous lupus and vasculitis (since 2005, confirmed biopsy and bloods) and yesterday by rheumy diagnosed fibro as the main cause of my symptpms. Has anyone got any good advice on managing muscle pain and cramps and headaches?


Rachy x

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Hi welcome to the site I hope you have fun here... Learn a few things , make some friends..

We have information at

As to how we manage there are Los of meds out there so its trial and error what will suit you..

I had migraines caused by shoulder and neck spasms and I get injections every 3 months for those... For cramps I eat a banana everyday ... I am sick of them but it works for me....

Fortunately this is quite a busy site so there will be plenty of people along to give you their advice on what works for them , hopefully you will be able to take bits of advice from here and there and find something that works for you

Vg x



You have found a great place for info and support. I do have to say that the lovely folks here have stopped me from going too far down the depression spiral.

Those leg cramps are horrible but someone suggested today that low magnesiums levels might be the cause so that is something I plan to ask my GP about.



HI jillylin as u say those leg cramps are awful, I get cramp all over now, or as I call them muscle spasms, I also have restless leg syndrom, which I know is all part n parcel of fibro, I sometimes get where I cant stop my body from jerking let alone my legs, but this only seems to happen at night, yes I was told about the magnesium and I take it lunchtime, i get the one that has the Vit B in it, it does help the leg cramps a little, do u just see your GP or do you go to a special Fibro doctor? I have only been on thise site a couple of days but already I feel like one of the group, and every one is always ready to give their support or any ideas to help , gentle hugs Dee x


Morning welcome this is a brilliant site and i HOPE YOU ENJOY THE FUN AS WELL as getting answers to some of the many questions we all have. Lovely people will endeavour to help hoever bad you are feeling so this is a step in the right direction !

VG suggests |Bananas for cramp I have not heard of that before I drink tonic water that seems to do the trick for me :) horses for courses as they say :)

Good luck xgins


Hi Gins,

I eat two bananas a day but no joy from cramps there for me. As you say, horses for courses. Tonic water ? Any kind or just tonic water?



Hi Dee,

yes cramps and muscle spasms, RSL, etc. I have ropinerole for the RLS but some nights nothing works.

I went on a fibromyaglia management course but I just see my GP otherwise. She's new so have only seen her twice. I am not sure how open to fm she is though. I did ask on my first appointment with her and she said she believes patients when they say they are in pain. Still not sure what she thinks after that remark.



I take tonic water for cramps, make sure it's the good brand Scw--------. Other cheaper versions don't contain quinnine which is what helps the cramps. Hope this helps. Cramps can be very painful and especially for people with limited mobility.


Hi Rachy, for your stomach cramps try boiled water only. As for your pains, see your GP, they may well offer amitriptyline to take at night and an anti-inflamitary. i recommend that you use voltarol cream 4 times a day also, on the areas where your pain is, keep away from your eyes, genitalia area and sores - i have used it for 3 years now, and it really does help.


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