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Fibro flare ip

I am currently in the midst of quite a bad flare up, barely been able to move this week, I am sooo tired and the fatigue is so debilitating I don't know how I've got through. So with this in mind I have been really dreading Friday night - I have my 4 year old granddaughter, her mum is 6 months pregnant with my 2nd grandson so its primarily to give daughter a rest but aside from that I've always looked after her when I can, but with this flare up I was dreading it a little - she will only sleep in bed with me OH gets relegated to blissful single bed! I could have said leave it but don't want to disappoint Jade, but do you know what? It was probably the tonic I needed. Yes I'm knackered, yes I'm in pain, yes I didn't get much sleep with a wrigglie 4 year old but when she wakes up smiles and first words out of her mouth is I love you ganmoo it somehow makes it all worth it. Big hugs everyone, gonna get prepared to watch my beloved Manchester City in the FA cup final xx

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That's nice, Mo - little ones are such a tonic.

My wee grand daughter always tells me that an ice cream and a trip to the beach would make my 'poor old legs' feel much better, and you know what? She's usually right!

Enjoy the Footie! :)

Moffy x


Love the granmoo! My doggie always cheers me up. My mam calls her, her granddog! Icecream is good, but chocolate is sooo much better!xx


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