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moving rib

does anyone else suffer from a moving rib? If i bend forward or sit up to quick my rib moves and its so painful its on the right side just under the thing that was once a breast (cant wear a bra) and i have to straighten myself and raise my arm which is so painful to do sometimes dr said not to worry about it but its happening when im driving and i cant give that up or i will become housebound .

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Being a bloke we have slightly different bodies but if this was happening to me and my doctor said not to worry I would seek a second opinion and if that failed i would go to A & E and get an x-ray to get it checked it out properly as I would be a bit concerned.

Take care and Kindest regards



This is similar to what I get , but mine is hypomobility it effects my muscles and joints and effects my ribs a lot. If this continues start taking notes and keeping a diary of it. Do you get any other problems with your joints and neck . ? The doctor told me it was my fibro when I very first got it. I rarely wear a bra and usually wear sports bras now because I find them more comfortable I even get a size bigger because I can't stand any restriction at all in that area . Be careful when stretching , try evening primrose oil organic in the bottle , just rub it on and put some on your glands under arm . It helps me my mom advised me to do this. There a loads of muscle around that area of the body holding your ribs in place . Warm baths and and massage gently if you stroke or rub allways towards the heart . Hope it eases for you . It's so uncomfortable isn't it x x


I have had it for since before 2008, they first though it was gall stone, but on scan result said no.

The Rheumatologist DR said it is musle spams, it is so painfull and can bring tears to my eyes, some times,

it happens at any time, eating drinking or not eating drinking,driving, and yes the only way i can ease it is to streach my arm up, or knee on a chair and streach my body over the back of chair, some times i get this a lot and other time just now and again.

My GP said go away and loss 3 stone in weight and see if you still have the pain.

If feel like my chest ie ribs are crushing me. or if you find out any thing else i would be very interested in knowing.


Hello and I hope you don't mind me asking but you stated that you get this pain under what used to be a breast. Does this mean you've had breast cancer/mastectomy? I ask because before I was diagnosed with fibro I had breast cancer. From the 4th session of radiotherapy I complained bitterly about pain at the top of my left ribs, convinced I had a broken rib or two. I was told no, it was just the treatment. I knew it wasn't but, heigh ho, we all tend to go with the flow and do as we're told. This pain has never stopped however and eventually (after 3 years of moaning about it) a locum was standing in for my normal surgeon consultant. Anyway, she insisted I have one of those isotopic x-rays (the one where they inject you with blue dye and you bounce around for 20 mins while it spreads around the body). And guess what? The 5th, 6th and 9th ribs had all been broken (and healed badly) as a result of the radiotherapy which, as we are all told, doesn't happen any longer as a result of advanced technology. I'm wondering if maybe you have had an undiagnosed broken rib/s as well? If you do, in all honesty, there's not much you can do about it except grin and bear it but at least it would be one worry off your mind. I really hope you're able to find out what is causing this pain as i know how painful, frustrating and scary it can be so good luck with it! :-)


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