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Recurrent misscarriages


I'm 26 years old have 1 daughter who is 8 this year and since the years 2011-2018 have suffered the heartbreak of 13 misscarriages concurrently.

I have had an operation for a heart shaped uterus and this has since been corrected and have had no further acknowledgement as to why the misscarriages have happened. I have ovarian cysts but nothing big enough to require surgery.

I have decided I no longer want another baby due to the fact my mental health isn't at its best due to the impact this has had on me! But one day i would like everyone love to have another baby & give my daughter a brother or sister x

Is there anyone here with a similar situation and have you gone on to have more children.

I'm currently using the Flo app and have been prescribed progesterone tablets to be take after my cycle for 10days each time to boost hormone for the eggs when they are released during ovulation.

Thankyou 😊

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I'm so sorry to hear about your multiple losses... one MC is hard to overcome and you've been through so many I can imagine the mental agony you're going through. Hope you find peace and strength to get over the sad incidents. About the MCs, there's certainly were a few issues with your reproductive system that has been corrected. Does the diagnosis pronounced your Uterus as fit to support full gestation as of now? If yes, then I guess it could be the chromosomal issue. I don't have a success story yet and due to my repetitive failures I dig the internet a lot and came across the information that sometimes missing a chromosome or an overlap or a trisomy could cause miscarriages. Usually, the pattern is not random and cause multiple miscarriages time and again often consecutively. I haven't been through any IVF yet but have read that the PGS can identify such anomaly and since multiple eggs are involved in IVF process some of them might just even not bear any such chromosomal problem. The perfectly healthy for transfers could get your pregnant and a full term gestation. However, whether you want to opt for IVF or not and if there are more tests that could help identify the cause needs to be considered on your part. I'd pray you find a way to get another baby...sending you love and luck!

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Thankyou so much for your powerful and positive reply Hunni

Unfortunately I have had all test on my baby's and none of the abnormalities have been found and to this day are still unsure why this keeps happening

I can't opt for ivf due to the fact I'm fertilising the eggs and becoming pregnant but unable to keep a full term pregnancy or any pregnancy upto 8 weeks 😔💔 I have 1 born daughter she is 8 this month so I'm just greatful I myself have had her and been given the opportunity ❤️ I send you great love & success


You're welcome! yes, you're indeed fortunate to have your daughter. If you don't mind me asking... how was the PGS done in your case? You didn't try IVF, right and I don't know of any other way to run the genetic screening. Would you mind elaborating about it, as in how was it done in your case! I'm considering IVF myself since my 3 rounds of IUI failed (all BFN).... so any knowledge is helpful... or so I believe. :)


I am sorry to know yr story. I would advise seeing a doc to find out more about the reasons why you can't conceive. Myself I know a lady who was in the same shoes. From what I remember she did karyotyping and checked out sperm quality. A doc suggested combining treatment with PGS NGS, but I don't know what a decision she made. Good luck xx


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