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Diagnosed miscarriage - why are they making me wait?

I found out I was pregnant at around week 4. Had my first scan+ blood test 4+2. Everything was fine, bloods double as expected, all in the right place. I went for another scan at 6+2 and my gestational sac (?) had grown but there was nothing inside. No yolk sac or embryo.

Im devastated. Absolutely broken. We were so happy. At the time I couldn’t really program anything being said to me. But the doctor and nurse made it very clear that this was very bad news. Nobody mentioned anything about ‘maybe it’s too early’. It was just I’m so sorry - it’s very common.

They’re making me wait a week to have another scan. Why? What’s the point? I’m in pieces. Why are they making me wait another week ? To see if something grows? But why would they do that when they’ve told me I will miscarry? I can’t handle all of this. It’s so much to deal with. I have an empty sac inside of me, I have a dead baby. And I’m just supposed to wait ? Or maybe it isn’t dead but they told me it is?

Sorry this is all over the place. I’m really devastated.

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I'm so sorry you've experienced a miscarriage. It is completely heart breaking. I went through one in July after trying for 6 years and I also lost the baby at just over 4 weeks. I had to wait between the bleeding to have a scan at just over 6 weeks which was agony. I think they want to be sure all the contents are gone and rule out ecoptic pregnancy. I can't comment on the empty sac as when I had my scan there was nothing left. I was told I could try after my following period after the loss which arrived bang on day 28. Hopefully you will have soon have answers that you need. Hold onto the fact you managed to conceive- I know it feels like everything is lost right now but it is positive that you fell pregnant- with infertility that in itself is a challenge. And just because this pregnancy was lost doesn't mean your next one will be. xoxo



I have been through what your going through .

I was told I needed to go back the following week to see if anything had changed following only seeing the sac and no baby. They tend to ask you to wait and come back in case anything changes . Some people do go back and there’s been change others go back and have no change and misscarriages. I’m sorry for what your going through . Lots of love xxx

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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss! :( Early pregnancy loss is terrible - its hard to cope with the emotional part. I've had a few loss too and can totally relate to your situation. I still have 2 chemical pregnancy that the Dr thinks is somewhat my illusion. Never had a D&C myself but as far as I've heard from the forums some pregnancy goes non-responsive for a short span which is why they ask to wait a while to see if there are some changes. I know a lady who was speculated to have an ectopic pregnancy - in spite of the BFP on HPTs and beta the sac seemed empty. It was only after the 9th week that they figured there was indeed a foetus inside the sac. I guess they asked you to wait to rule out any chance of risking your pregnancy if there's one. Much like you don't issue a death certificate unless it's been a few hours. The wait is annoying and infuriating though - it seems to only heighten the feel of loss and remorse. I won't ask you to have your hopes high though - because in these instances only 8 out of 10 turn out any positive. Stay strong dear one!


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