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Negative thoughts

Hi everyone, I’m 4dp5dt on my first round of ivf. On transfer day I was really matter of fact, ‘this is out of my control, what will be will be’. So much so that I surprised myself! The last couple of days I have woken up with the immediate thought that this hasn’t worked. Is it a gut feeling, my body letting me know or am I just dreading the worst? I then spend all day trying to turn my attitude around. I guess I’m scared I’ll miscarry again. Has anyone else felt like this and got their bfp? I know the 2ww can send people crazy, I’m just wondering if their is anybody else that has experienced this? Thank you lovely lot 😊

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I can’t give any advice hun (haven’t managed to get as far as transfer yet) but I just wanted to send you some positive thoughts and really hope it’s all ok and will work out right for you.

Take care of yourself. I won’t say try not to worry, cos that never helps anyone (I know ☺️), but just look after yourself. Xx


Thank you! 😊 Good luck on your journey xx


I understand how u feel, I’m 6dp5dt (round 2) and I started off feeling positive but I’m now thinking it’s not worked. I suppose we just need to keep positive until otd.

Good luck xxx


I’m sorry that you feel like that also Penny :( Like you say, we need to try our best and stay positive.

Sending you lots of luck and keeping my fingers crossed for both of us xx


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