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January cycle update!

So I was due to start norethisterone 1st of January and had to start yesterday, as had a scan due to having random brown spotting which they was concerned over as had chemical in October....turns out I bloody ovulated about 2 weeks ago!!!! I can't beleive it I never ovulate I was stunned! to make it worse we completley missed the egg as was sunburnt in egypt!

It showed I was due to have period but they didn't want me to come on after 16th as that would mess whole cycle and we would have to postpone! so will have a forced period with norethisterone then day 2 of period I have to take the pill until 14th January.....

Baseline is 19th hubby's birthday praying for it to be successful don't know how much more heartache I can take.

Think there's a few of us with January cycle

Wishing the best for everyone xx

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