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How do the stimulation drugs make you feel?

I've noticed it on my second cycle again that stimulation makes me a lot more chatty, slightly hyper, more determined and pro-active - and generally know I'm on some form of stimulation. Whilst still feeling exhausted at night!! Maybe I'm more sensitive as I'm not a caffeine drinker... what feelings do you experience?

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Hi Moo, love the name. Wanted to wish you all the best as I've seen you on the forum before but never spoken. I'm further behind in the process than you as I'm due to start my only IVF in April/May, having started the pill a week or so ago. I must admit to having terrible migraine/headaches after starting pill but they are beginning to feel more bearable now. Can't say I'm looking forward to all the jumble of hormones and drugs over the next couple of months but I know it's a necessary evil for a wonderful opportunity.

May I be cheeky and ask what you meant by an earlier message you wrote that I now wish I'd responded to... You said you feel more alone this time around. I hope that you are feeling as supported as possible, as the girls on here seem supportive :-) We have kept our IVF dates quiet from friends and family by choice (some know we might have IVF at some point but don't know details). I can feel like long-term ttc is a very lonely path but hope that's not the case for you. Anyway, I'm waffling so I'll get going. Best of luck for your IVF journey. :-)


Thank you so much for your reply. This forum is fantastic and makes me feel part of something and not alone. I have only told our Mums, Dad and sisters this time round. Plus two friends who are going through the same, one friend we have been going through it pretty much exactly the same time which has been great. She introduced me to this forum! Other close friends know I'm in the process but I'm not as forthcoming with the info this cycle. All the best for your treatment xxx

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Hi, Milly! Those stims were driving me mad!! I felt so anxious, worrying, angry with pains.. Sometimes it was hard for me even to walk. Often I thought people were looking at me suspiciously and that made me angry as well.. If only they knew what I had to survive!.they won't glance at me like that. I wanted to hide in my shell and share things only with my DH. No one else, even relatives and close friends. Such was my 1st round. But the next ones seemed to be easier from emotional point of view. As for the side effects it was the same - dreadfully swallowed ovaries and terrible pain...And as for the chatting you've mentioned. All the following attempts I wanted more people by my side or just in touch who understood me. That was the beginning of the great forum travelling for me. This is also the marvelous place to be in as you can share everything which gets on you and there probably will be the people in the same boat with you willing to give a soothing word..That's it.

Wish you best of luck with your treatment Xx


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