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day 9 scan today

good evening ladies, well had the day 9 scan this morning and they didnt cancel on me ....yet ! found 4 follicles on the right and 1 one on the left, 4 were small between 10-13mm and one was 17mm which they are going to aim at on friday, so now hoping this one little follie will have an egg in it!! have been given another day of merional to see if the others will have a final growth spurt (£102 for one dose!!!) hope you are doing well and wil keep evrything crossed for a little longer, dont know how much more my nerves can take tho xx

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Good luck hun. I know it is hard. We had 20 follicles, 8 eggs, only 5 eggs fertilized, only 1 embryo suitable and that is frozen until April as I was having problems and they couldn't do embryo transfer. So I know how hard it is. If you get one it is a blessing. Good luck and all fingers and toes crossed for you.


thanks paeroking, hope you get better soon for your et. having a really bad day today, feeling very negative and trying to convince myself you only need 1!! xx


Hiya how are things? Hope everything went well for you. We are still waiting as I have to have a period then ring hospital and go from there. It is hard the waiting and not knowing. Fingerscrossed for u that u will have good outcome.


hia, well it all went pear shaped for us :( had 3 eggs collected and fertilized, grreat news, 1 blasto transferred on the 27th, other 2 didnt make it to freezer, started bleed on 4dpt, period started so didnt work and game over, wish u the very best of luck, wish i could afford another cycle xx


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