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Hi. I have endometriosis and am doing FET. The estrogen patches seem to be irritating my bladder - has anyone else experienced this?

I think it is the estrogen that is causing the irritation because my bladder has been worse since starting the patches last week. (I understand that estrogen is one of the things that triggers endo, and have previously observed that my bladder is most irritable during my beginning of my menstrual cycle, when estrogen levels are naturally high).

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Hi. Yes, it could be down to your oestrogen levels. Perhaps you have some endometriosis in your bladder too? Always best to check out whether you might have a bit of a urine infection also, just in case you need any treatment, and make sure you drink plenty of fluids. All the best for a positive outcome with the FET. Regards Diane


Thanks for this Diane. I don't know if I have endo in the bladder. Last cystoscopy was about 4 yrs ago, and was clear. Last laparoscopy was 2 yrs ago, and moderate amounts of endo adhesions were removed around bowel and ovaries, but my gynae said that my bladder didn't seem affected by endo. However, I continue to get a lot of bladder symptoms (these symptoms got better for a few months after the endo lasering, but have worsened again since, and are now further irritated by the IVF it seems). Am wondering how endo in the bladder is diagnosed? I don't think it is so likely that i have a urine infection, as I've been tested lots of times for this and the result is always negative - and I've tried many kinds of antibiotics but none have helped. I do drink masses of water (as my bladder can't tolerate any other liquids at all, and this has been the case for the past 5 years).

Recently during an internal ultrasound for IVF, they unexpectedly found fluid in my uterus, and this was around the time of a bladder flare up. I do wonder whether, when I have high levels of estrogen, my endo reacts by creating some kind of fluid which then affects bladder and bowel. My biggest fear would be that this would also affect any embryos transferred - and have been told that endo can reduce the chances of IVF working, although its not known exactly why. The current IVF regime I'm on means I will need to take estrogen for 11 weeks, if I do become pregnant, so I'll have to see how it all goes I guess. Apologies for the length of this post!


Hi. Endo is a weird thing, you can be “full of it” one month then checked again and it has disappeared! We don’t fully know why it happens, just that it can be a nightmare for those it does happen to. Diagnosing it within the bladder would need a cystoscopy (camera in bladder), which would probably be dealt with at the same time if found. Endo does flare up with extra presence of oestrogen, but any you have during your IVF cycle will be dampened down when you have your down regulating drug e.g. Buserelin. This is temporary I know, but worth a little break from it. I’m sure your consultant will have your best interests at heart when you go through your IVF to give you the best possible outcome. Keeping everything crossed for you. Diane


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